Tropea’s onions jam with habanero pepper

Tropea's onions jam with habanero pepper

Our desire to cook was very low in the summer months. But now we are back! We start again to publish with a jam, still decidedly summer, but perfect for warming up in the winter evenings;). A onions jam, strictly from Tropea, and habanero pepper! Definitely spicy this jam is perfect to combine with cheese. Delicious to give flavor to … Read More


Guacamole is a rich dip made with fresh avocado, enriched with lime juice, salt and various spices. Its history dates back to the Aztecs, the ancient inhabitants of the Mexico until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. The word “guacamole”, derives from Ahuaca-Molli, avocado sauce in Nahuatl language. Originally the recipe did not requested to add tomatoes and onions… But like … Read More


A burger or a plate of chips are great, especially if served with mayonnaise and ketchup 😉 . We‘ve already presented the first sauce a few days ago, today we’ll continue, so you can prepare at home an excellent “tomato ketchup“. The ketchup has very ancient origin in Orient, but of course the original version did not include the tomato. … Read More


Today we’re proposing one of the most classic sauces and most used in the kitchen: mayonnaise 🙂 . This sauce goes well with meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. It lends itself also very well to refined decorations. You’ll surely have a jar in the fridge, but the flavor of the sauce homemade will be far better than the one purchased. … Read More

Chickpea hummus

The hummus is a typical sauce of the Middle East, made of crushed chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic and tahini, a sesame seed cream. This spread is served as an appetizer and very widespread throughout the Middle East. Hummus is an Arabic word meaning chickpeas; the full name of this dish is ḥummuṣ bi ṭaḥīna indicating chickpeas with tahini sauce. The tahini is … Read More