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Tropea's onions jam with habanero pepper

Tropea's onions jam with habanero pepper

Jams, Sauces

Our desire to cook was very low in the summer months. But now we are back! We start again to publish with a jam, still decidedly summer, but perfect for warming up in the winter evenings;). A onions jam, strictly from Tropea, and habaner...

gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread cookies, little Zenzy from Shrek


Watching movies, we are always looking for scenes with dishes that inspire us: yet we had almost missed Shrek! In this animated movie by Dreamworks not only food is important in many scenes, but it also comes to life and becomes a nice s...

Strawberry tiramisù

Sweet Creams & Puddings

As spring is approaching, we have decided to create a fresh and fruity variant to a classic of the Italian cuisine: strawberry tiramisu! Easy and quick to prepare, it is perfect for a snack after consuming too many calories during a walk...

Nougat (Torrone)

Petits Péchés

The soft nougat is one of our favorite sweet sins, a small bite of this delicious sweet can’t ever be denied 😉 . The ingredients to prepare it at home are very simple: honey, sugar and dried fruit at your own will (hazelnuts, almond...

Lemon marmelade


We began last week to publish marmalades, starting with the orange one, today we continue with lemon marmelade with its bitter taste and unforgettable aroma! To get the best marmelade you need to choose carefully the lemons, first of...

Orange marmelade


We have time for one last recipe with oranges, before these citrus disappear until next winter, we will show you our breakfast of the week. Orange marmelade, given its bitter taste is excellent not only with bread, but also to accompan...

Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Review (KVL8300S)


Since we have a new kitchen machine, which was very helpful during Christmas holidays, we thought it was a good opportunity to write a new review. We’ll review the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium (KVL8300S), the latest model of the famous B...

Lemon balm mojito


After the classic and the non-alcoholic mojito, we present a new version! The lemon balm mojito, for the occasion presented as a video recipe, so you will have no problem to follow the instructions  😀 . We tried different herbs to ...

Quince jelly


The quince jelly is a beautiful amber coloured recipe, a delight for both the eye and the palate 😀 . This jelly is excellent for breakfast, with oat biscuits, mixed with yogurt and also accompanied with seasoned spicy cheese… In s...

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