Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Review (KVL8300S)

Since we have a new kitchen machine, which was very helpful during Christmas holidays, we thought it was a good opportunity to write a new review. We’ll review the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium (KVL8300S), the latest model of the famous British brand.

The new kitchen machine is completely made in stainless steel, both the structure and the bowl. As you may have guessed by the letters XL, the mixer is not exactly small, the bowl has a capacity of 6.7L. It won’t pass by unnoticed for sure on your countertop, however it won’t cause you much trouble (do not be afraid of the box which is far bigger than the product).

The kitchen machine has a new very powerful engine (1700W), adjustable very precisely thanks to half-speed. There’s a very useful mixing function, which will allow you to start working your compounds very slowly, without the risk of flour clouds.

The most publicised change of the chef titanium is definitely the bowl illumination, a small LED ring allow you to better check your dough. Compared to KMM060 model that we used before, there are also other small improvements we wanted to point out:

  • the splashguard has been revised, it can be dismount easily, so you won’t have to remove the whip, in case you ever have to put it on or take it off in mid-preparation
  • the opening lever is placed on the side of the machine, no longer on the front; it allows to open the kitchen machinewith simplicity and without efforts
  • the latest addition that we have noticed is a handy compartment to hide the cord when you do not use the machine, not essential but it helps to have your countertop always neat and tidy


You’ll find 5 whips in the chef titanium box:

  • power whisk, to mount the egg whites and light mixtures, its design has been revised, the whip is slightly less dense, but more solid
  • the K-beater, to mix ingredients while preparing dough
  • the dough hook, an indispensable ally for all leavened products (pizzas, pandori, brioches …), even this was revised compared to previous models. It seems to knead better, because of the absence of the small angle that slightly broke the dough
  • the creaming beater, a rubber whip; very convenient for preparing frosting and mousse. We used it for different frosting with excellent results, butter mixed in with sugar perfectly, without risking separation.
  • the fold tool, an interesting new whip for pastry. This whip always mixes from the bottom up, to keep all the air in the most delicate mixtures. It works really well, we’ve prepared a meringue cake, and we’ll surely have the excuse to try macarons again, our small and colorful antagonists. Read carefully the instructions because when by mixing everything from the bottom up, the bowl could suddenly not seem so big anymore ?

We tried a bit of everything before writing the review of Chef XL Titanium KVL8300S: meringues (Italian and French), various cakes, the 1708, some breads, Pandoro (a pity that the holidays are over, but this will not prevent us to prepare it again), nougat ( we’ll post the recipe soon) and more that at the moment we can not think of 🙂 .

In a quick summary, we had a great time with Chef XL Titanium XL, the very powerful engine will defeat even the most demanding dough, small additions and changes have greatly improved the kitchen machine. Definitely recommended to all those who love cooking. The only sore is the price, not so much for the mixer itself, certainly high but reasonable, but the additional accessories that are a bit too expensive.



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  1. Hi

    I have kenwood kvl8300s chef xl titanium and it’s speed is very low even when I increase it. What should be the issue,

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  6. Hello,

    Thank you for the review. it s very helpful.
    Sorry to ask the question again but I m hesitating to buy the XL or normal size.
    I live only with my partner so usually I don’t bake large amount.
    Can the XL handle small sizes baking/bread making?

    Thank you for you help

    1. Hi!
      We have made different size of amount of dough (for bread or cake) without any problems, even when we prepared small quantities.
      For example one day to make a few meringues, we’ve whipped a single egg white. It was a little extreme to see a single egg in the large bowl, but the machine whip it perfectly.

      If you’ve got other questions write us 🙂

  7. Hi, thanks for the useful review.

    I wonder if you have used the non XL model (4.6 litre capacity)?

    I want to make fairly small batches of pasta and bread, so I wonder if the XL will be too big to be useful for me.
    My problem is, I can buy the XL right now, for almost the same price as the non-XL version (and it comes with 2 extra paddles and beaters too).

    Does the XL still perform well when there is not much dough in the bowl, or should I just buy the 4.3L one?

    1. Hi Paul,

      we couldn’t test the 4.3L version yet, but we can tell you that the XL version doesn’t have any problem with small amount of dough 🙂 .

      So probably it’s better to get the XL version, especially if you can get it same price of non-XL version and it comes with extras.

      1. Hi Joel,

        Thankyou for the reply! It’s great timing as the discount runs out very soon

        I will go for the XL model now I know it will be ok 🙂


  8. Good Day to you Joël,

    Thank you for your inputs. I went and got myself a Titanium Chef XL Kitchen Machine. Will you please help me out in advising on the attachments. They have 2 types (models) of front attachments. One is the AT and the other KAX. Which model do I get for my machine? Exp: Dicing attachment KAX409PL OR MGX400? Or the Pasta Maker KAX910ME OR AT910?

    Thank you

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Parvin,

      I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied of your new kitchen machine and you’ll have great fun with fun 🙂 The KAX* are the new version of the attachment, so you should buy the Pasta Maker KAX910ME (in Italy you can’t buy anymore the AT910) and the dicing KAX409PL.


      1. Dear Joël,

        I’ve not got a chance to use it yet, as the machine was sent back due to scratches and damage to the body. It’s the Eid holidays here for now. Waiting for the offices to reopen and hopefully the store would give me a new machine. Have ordered the attachments, in the mean time, though?

  9. Hi. I’m Parvin (from Malaysia)

    I am extremely confused between purchasing the Kenwood Chef Titanium XL and the Kitchen Aid Artisan range. This dilemma has being going on for over a month now?. Please help me out here. I have always wanted a kitchen aid stand mixer till i met the chef titanium XL. Would really hate to regret it later. My needs are: strong and durable, variable speed, works well for small & large batches, beside bread.. works well for cakes and cream too. Here in Malaysia, Kitchen Aid is the model to have, so whenever i browse at the appliance store, that is the brand which is promoted with very good reviews (i hope you understand my confusion) And yes… is it really not made in the UK anymore? What about their specifications and standard? UK or China?

    Thanks. Parvin

    1. Hi Parvin.

      First of all I need to tell that I never used personally a Kitchen Aid, I’ve only tried it with some friend that has got it at home. So I cannot really make a confrontation between Kitchen Kitchen Aid and Kenwood. They’re both premium quality kitchen machine, probably the Kitchen aid vs Kenwood is more philosophical.
      The titanium XL is designed & engineered in UK, but manufactured in China. The quality of the Titanium XL is really good, I’ve used it a lot this year and half and never got a problem. Strong and durable as I wrote right before after more that a year I’m really happy about it, the older model we’ve got is something like 5 years old and still works perfectly. You’ve got a really precise control of speed, it’s really useful to have also the half speed (1, 1.5, 2, …). I’ve prepared really large dough, various cakes and also manage to whip a single egg white, which was really a bad idea but worked 🙂 .
      I hope my short answer could help you.


  10. All of this is very interesting. I’m sorry to hear that some people have had times where oil leaked from the machine. KitchenAid mixers have had the same comments, with oil and shards of metal coming from the motor into the bowl. Nobody needs to have good ingredients ruined, nor do they need to have a defective mixer that might be costly to repair. I had hoped for better from Kenwood, as I was thinking of getting the Titanium Chef (XL) to replace an aging KitchenAid. I’ve heard so many good things about the stainless steel whip, beater & dough hook, and the power of the machine seems very strong. In North America, I think the strongest we can get is the 800 watt motor. Thanks for your review and for such an interesting posting.

    1. Hi Brian. Thanks for your feedback.
      Ohh that’s such a shame that you can’t find a model with a powerful motor. I’ve searched there is only the cooking chef with a power al 1150W. It’s really strange that the USA model are so different than the model we’ve got in Europe.
      I hope you’ll find a cooking matching that will fit all your need.

  11. hello, i bought this machine only 2 weeks ago, as I managed to drop water inside my KM030, with a timer, and a lovely machine (i put the blender without the rubber and all came into my machine, fortunately, it can be repaired).

    in the meantime and as having thought about buying my second machine with 6,7 capacity, I ran to buy this one. I have regreted it since the first day. I was in the middle of making bread for a big celebration, and with the first batch it started heating a bit, and after the second batch, it heated more. The top of the dough attachment was burning hot, and the tool started to heat, which is worrying. It is not clear to me, as my KM030 made the same amount of dough once and again, probably about 10 batches within 2 days, without any problem. The dough a bit tight in the bowl though, but nothing else.

    So a few days later i test it again with swiss buttercream, a medium batch that is quite light compared to the dough, about 25 minutes beating, and after the second batch, again, machine warm, nearly hot.

    And today a new issue: used the blender, as usual for my breakfast smoothie. As soon as I turned on the machine, it started with very high speed, of course a cloud of my flour around the kitchen. i turned it off, removed all, and started it again, resulting on high speed only, stucked. After many attempts, I finally got into low speed.
    I read in reviews that it is not noisy but mine is.

    So, I am disappointed this time, not sure if there is a deffect on this machine only, the model in general or what. I managed to throw away the box, so I can’t return it, but still trying. I have a guarantee, however it is insane, i live in denmark, have to pack it for service center in sweden, and will take at least 2 weeks for the machine to be “fixed”. Really? a NEW machine? I am not sure if changing it for the same model, or an older version is the right thing to do.

    1. Hi Marisol,

      I’m sorry for your troubles with your loved KM030. I hope that they repaired it without any problems.

      You’ve been really unlucky with your ned cooking machine 🙁 . It’s a real shame that the assistance don’t replace it immediately, because you’ve got it only two weeks ago.

      Personally I think that you’ve got a defected machine. The one we’ve got at home still works perfectly.

      Good luck with the changing of the machine. Give us some news, when the assistance helps you.

      Good bye

  12. Hi,

    I hope if you can help me out.

    I am looking for buying Chef XL Sense Kitchen Machine. The bowl has a capacity of 6.5 ltr. I am not sure if that is too big for me. I do baking, a hobby baker and occasionally do take orders too. So I am confused whether I should go for the XL or the other 4.5 ltr. one. There are deals on both of them, and a difference of only 50 euros.

    1. Hi Renu,

      If you love baking, we would recommend the XL version definitely.
      Firstly, the XL version can handle the quantity of ingredients as the 4.5L machine (we used it to whisk the white of a single egg), but when you need to prepare more food the bigger capacity is much better.
      The XL version has a more powerful engine, which is useful when kneading dough.
      And lastly the XL version is only taller then the standard one, so it’ll fill the same size on your countertop.

      Let me know which one you’ll get.

      Good bye


  13. Hi Joel I too am looking at the titanium XL to buy. I’ve been looking for something small enough but strong enough so I don’t have to buy a dough machine to make bread and biscuits! I am Greek and we like baking in large quantities! ?

    My mother in law tells me that a lot of her friends have burnt the motor on other models cause it couldn’t hack the flour!

    I’m worried I’m going to spend all this money on such a lovely looking machine but won’t be able to make large quantities of dough. The specs sheet says can take 2.56kg dough.

    How many kgs of flour have you put in the mixer at once to make dough?



    1. Hi Andrea,
      I’m sorry for the long time I took to answer.

      It’s always better to knead and bake in large quantities, you’ll have more excuse to have friends at home 😀 .
      I can’t tell how long the machine will work, I’ve bough it in December. The motor has a warranty of 10 years.

      I’ve made 4.5 Kg of dough for easter with 1100 g of flour, last week I’ve made a lot of pizza dough with 1.2 Kg of manitoba flour. The machine worked without any problems and without overheating, even is there were 30° at home (probably it wasn’t the best time to bake a lot of pizza… but is was quite fun 🙂 ).


  14. I’m on the brink of buying a new Kenwood. Love to bake bread and am looking for a work horse (but a good looking one LOL) I’ve owned my Kenwood for over 40 years and I’m a bit worried the new models are not as strongly made as the old ones. Will my attachments fit the Titanium? Thank you Dianne.

    1. Hi Dianne, I never used as model as old as yours, so I can’t be sure if the new one are as strong as the one you have. We’ve tested the Titanium with a lot of dough. For ester we’ prepared 3 colomba for easter, there was more than 1Kg of floor for almost 5Kg of dough, the Kenwood continued to work perfectly without slowing down. Which version of Kenwood you’ve got? In the titanium there is an adapter to use the old attachments, but I don’t know this one will fit yours. Thanks Joël

      1. The mighty unstoppable A701 Joel, is the one I have. It’s the blue and white one. Appliances made today seem to be made with a very short bench life, which makes sense for the manufacturer who can sell more products. I’m going to have a look at the Titanium tomorrow, it’s very handsome in the photos I’ve seen but it’s expensive heavy and very big. I’ve read so many reviews on the line of Kenwood mixers where they say they’ve had problems with oil leaking into the contents of the bowl, and smoke coming out of a new machine then hassles getting them fixed. I’m really nervous. I could buy another A701 for one tenth the price of the Titanium and it would probably see me out. I have a really lovely kitchen with granite blue pearl benchtops and the Titanium would look magnificent sitting there. Think it’s just too new to have negative reviews. It’s really great talking to you about it. Thank you for being there, Dianne.

        1. The A701 is truly unstoppable, that model is more than 50 years old. It’s astonishing how strongly they were build. I understand that replacing such a great tool is really unnerving. Your A701 stopped working?
          We’ve at home got another titanium for 4 years and it works well, my brother uses it regularly. Of course I’ve got no idea at all if the new Titanium and the other one we’ve have will works in 10, 20 or 40 years.
          I’ve checked rapidly but I doubt that the attachments you’ve got could work with the new model 🙁 . You’ve got the original manual? Maybe with the attachment model code it safer to check if they work with the new models.
          Talking with someone when buying a new kitchen tool could be really useful 🙂

          1. Hi Joel, No my old Kenwood still works. I broke the back cover and my husband glued it back together and a couple of days ago I was whipping a cake batter and metal bits came out into the mix. I picked them out and it kept on working. A few months ago while kneading dough I left the room for a minute and heard an almighty crash. Racing back I found the “mighty” Kenwood on the tiled floor on its side STILL kneading! Neither the tiles or the machine seemed any the worse for wear. There’s another machine the same as mine for 1 tenth the price of the Titanium. Apparently it’s spent its life in a cupboard and only used a couple of times. Maybe I should buy it. But I’ll look at the Titanium today and then decide. Maybe it’s just too big and too heavy and too expensive. So far I’ve managed to make 3 loaves of bread in the one mix in my old Kenwood. The glamour of the new Kenwood is the thing that’s making the decision hard. Thanks for all your help. Great to talk to you. cheers Dianne.

          2. The floor survived the impact with the unstoppable A701? If you can find a A701 used only a few times, that could be a good investment. Your husband can help you check it and get ti working as new, or if the one you found don’t work you can use it as spare parts to get your as new. Let me know which machine you’ve and if your happy with it.


          3. Hi Joel, Yes, the floor and the old old Kenwood survived leaping onto the kitchen floor. Besides the shock, it was quite a funny picture with this try hard machine, still rotating the dough on its side and refusing to give up. I did go to a massive retail store here to look at the super huge Kenwood Titanium. It sat shining on a display shelf under a spot light looking very impressive and grand. I saw on the side a Union Jack flag attached to the machine and beneath it the printing said Designed and Engineered in Britain. My eye brows went up and as a sales assistant approached I asked her if I could see the box the machine came in. While I waited I thought, gee Kenwood just might have returned to England for manufacturing. But on the box it said Made in China. So this seems to me to be false advertising and a deliberate attempt to mislead buyers. I would have to keep the machine in a cupboard with a tiny clearance and the weight heaving it across the room every couple of days put me off. I would really love a new mixer because I have a really beautiful kitchen where everything is glamorous and makes me want to cook. Then out comes my old old Kenwood. It does have a strong heart and has been working away for well over 40 years. So it will stay a while longer and I’ll be looking for the last Kenwood made in the U.K. I believe they were still manufacturing there until 2002. It would be great to find out the model number of the last ones produced there. Thanks for your interest in my dilemma Cheers Dianne (in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.

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