Seuppa d’éforié – Spring soup with rice and nettles

Sometimes we like to propose you some recipes from the old book about Aosta Valley cuisine published by and written by our mother. And since it’s spring, this soup with rice and nettles looks just perfect! 🙂 It is a dish of the rural tradition of the Aosta Valley, consumed in the early spring months because nettle is used mostly … Read More

Sorça d’étsatèn – Stew with green beans and bacon

Today we’re presenting the Sorça d’étsatèn (Summer Stew), a stew with green beans, potatoes and bacon, a typical dish of the cuisine of the Aosta Valley. There are countless variations of Sorça, almost one for every village 😉 the only constant of this dish is the use of bean mangetout of a particular quality: lo fèisou dë bocon, literally pieces-bean.  The fèisou … Read More

Risotto with leeks, bacon and hazelnuts

Let’s continue, without delay, with the recipes for the Christmas dinner! This year we propose a tasty risotto with leeks, enriched with crisp slices of bacon and hazelnuts 🙂 .  

Boston Clam Chowder

We continue our culinary journey in the United States, presenting the Boston Clam Chowder 🙂 . This soup, typical of the state of New England, is both tasty, thanks to bacon and clams, and delicate because the potatoes and milk dissolve the taste of the shellfish. The Clam Chowder is often served in a loaf of bread to be consumed with the … Read More