Quiche with asparagus and bacon

Asparagus is one of the vegetables our garden is full of during spring, we often try new recipes to give them new tastes. This time we tried a quiche with asparagus and speck, flavored with juniper berries and a hint of thyme 🙂 .Since we were experiencing the cake filling, certainly we could not use the classic puff pastry to enclose it … Read More

Pizza with ham, gorgonzola, apple and honey

Today we wanted to delight you with a new pizza! Although it is one of the last pizza that we have tried, we liked it so much that we immediately inserted among our favorite… A recipe does not need to age like wine 😉 ! Back to the pizza: a thin layer of tomato sauce with the addition of mozzarella, … Read More

Buckwheat loaves

This is the third Christmas we spend with you, then, it is no longer a surprise that every year after the dessert we suggest a bonus recipe for Christmas dinner 🙂 . This year the choice fell on the bread, with some small buckwheat loaves with whole wheat flour. Buckwheat has a very strong taste, however, used as an adjunct to whole wheat … Read More