Pain épices tiramisu

We have reached the grand finale of the Christmas dinner, and for such an important occasion dessert must be not only good, but also scenic and well presented, so we propose a tasty pain d’épices tiramisu served in single-portion cups 🙂 . Layers of sponge cake lightly spiced with anise and all spice, wet with a little drop of Grand Marnier, … Read More

Spicy molten lava cakes

Valentine’s Day is almost here, we propose, therefore, a transgressive dessert perfect to end your romantic dinner: molten lava cakes spiced with chili pepper, served with vanilla custard 😉 . These cakes are inspired by traditional French recipe of moëlleux au chocolat: chocolate cakelets with the peculiarity of being “half-cooked” so that the center remains soft. You have to serve the dessert nice … Read More

Night’s Tart

Today the 4th season of “Game of Thrones” is about to end, so we let us inspire by this series for this recipe 🙂 . Here comes… the mysterious Night’s Tart, a crumbly shortcrust pastry enclosing a vanilla custard heart, topped with blueberry jam and tiny meringues.  You’ll be able to gaze at a starry sky in each slice of … Read More