Soupe à l’onion – Parisian onion soup

Autumn humidity has come, but we certainly won’t let it bring us down! 😉  That’s why we decided to prepare a dish that we personally have tasted in the the Halles in Paris: la soupe à l’onion gratinée, an onion soup with bread and cheese 🙂 . According to tradition, this onion soup should be eaten at dawn after a night out and, … Read More

Spicy molten lava cakes

Valentine’s Day is almost here, we propose, therefore, a transgressive dessert perfect to end your romantic dinner: molten lava cakes spiced with chili pepper, served with vanilla custard 😉 . These cakes are inspired by traditional French recipe of moëlleux au chocolat: chocolate cakelets with the peculiarity of being “half-cooked” so that the center remains soft. You have to serve the dessert nice … Read More

Gratin Dauphinois

To accompany the tasty turkey roulade with ham, we’re proposing a side dish of French origin. The classic Gratin Dauphinois with potatoes, milk, Parmesan and a pinch of spice 🙂 . The version that we’re proposing has a lot less fat than the traditional version, there is no need to give up the taste, even if we give up the … Read More