Goulash: Hungarian meat soup

The goulash is, together with the dobos torta, the most famous dish of Hungarian cuisine: a rich meat soup with vegetables (potatoes, carrots and onions) flavored with paprika 😀 . To be precise this dish is so important for Hungary to be one of the national dishes and a simbol for the entire nation! Goulash has a very ancient origin, … Read More

Mini Dobos with white chocolate

We reached the endind of the recipes for Christmas dinner, but of course we can not forget the dessert. Do you remember the Hungarian Dobos cake? Go now to review the recipe 😉 . Inspired by the whiteness of the snow (or perhaps by nostalgia of the absence this winter), we propose a variant with white chocolate: here are the … Read More

Dobos torta – Hungarian chocolate layered cake

As promised, we have prepared the dessert you voted the most votes and thank you for all the comments and private messages 🙂 . For this first survey the Dobos cake is the winner, but soon we will also present the chestnut dessert! The Dobos cake was created in 1885 by the Hungarian patissier József C. Dobos in honour of the National … Read More