Guacamole is a rich dip made with fresh avocado, enriched with lime juice, salt and various spices. Its history dates back to the Aztecs, the ancient inhabitants of the Mexico until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. The word “guacamole”, derives from Ahuaca-Molli, avocado sauce in Nahuatl language. Originally the recipe did not requested to add tomatoes and onions… But like … Read More

White Russian

Today we’re proposing the White Russian: a sweet and delicate classic cockatil, made with vodka, kalhua and cream, or milk if you want to make it more dietary 😉 . This cocktail derives from the Black Russian, which contains only vodka and kalhua. Probably you will remember it from the movie “The Big Lebowski” by the Coen brothers, where the … Read More

Kahlua – Mexican coffee liqueur

With this recipe we inaugurate a new section of our website, the one that show how to prepare liqueurs at home 🙂 ! Today we’re presenting a liqueurs with unique flavour and taste, a treat for all the true coffee lovers: the Mexican kahlua. The kahlua is not very famous, perhaps because its origin dates back only to 1936, but … Read More