Tropea’s onions jam with habanero pepper

Tropea's onions jam with habanero pepper

Our desire to cook was very low in the summer months. But now we are back! We start again to publish with a jam, still decidedly summer, but perfect for warming up in the winter evenings;). A onions jam, strictly from Tropea, and habanero pepper! Definitely spicy this jam is perfect to combine with cheese. Delicious to give flavor to … Read More

Fast food dinner

Today, to celebrate the US Independence Day, we’ll not present a single recipe… But a menu, for a dinner with friends, to prepare the best-known American meal, typical of fast food: hamburger with fries ! 🙂 To prepare the best fast food dinner you have to take as long as necessary, and prepare every dish at home. Beginning with the burger buns, sweet … Read More

Soupe à l’onion – Parisian onion soup

Autumn humidity has come, but we certainly won’t let it bring us down! 😉  That’s why we decided to prepare a dish that we personally have tasted in the the Halles in Paris: la soupe à l’onion gratinée, an onion soup with bread and cheese 🙂 . According to tradition, this onion soup should be eaten at dawn after a night out and, … Read More

Turkey roulade with ham and caramelized onions

Let’s proceed with the Easter lunch, presenting a tasty turkey roulade, which contains the delicate caramelized onions and ham. All wrapped in slices cooked ham, which help to keep the meat soft and making it even tastier 😉 . Last year at Easter we prepared an excellent rabbit with cranberries… And we did not find any chocolate egg hidden in the garden … Read More

Potato Pirozhki – Пирожки с картошкой

One of the dishes you cannot miss during a journey in Russia are pirozhki 🙂 . These little buns may be filled with potatoes, meat, fish, mushrooms or cabbage and are perfect as a starter anyway. Filled with fruits, jam (or even chocolate 😉 ), pirozhki will enlighten your afternoon snack. During our last (alas only one) journey in the … Read More