Quiche with asparagus and bacon

Asparagus is one of the vegetables our garden is full of during spring, we often try new recipes to give them new tastes. This time we tried a quiche with asparagus and speck, flavored with juniper berries and a hint of thyme 🙂 .Since we were experiencing the cake filling, certainly we could not use the classic puff pastry to enclose it … Read More

Tartlets with leeks and potatoes

Happy New Year 🙂 ! We’ll start 2015 with a vegetarian quiche made with vegetables typical of the winter months. Here are the tartlets with leeks and potatoes, enriched with parmesan, enclosed in a tasty hazelnut shortcrust pastry. Notes If you want to prepare a single pie, you have to increase by 50% the crust ingredients and double the filling, and then … Read More

Tourte parmerienne – Medieval Pie

Are you ready for a journey through time? Different epochs await us in the series Gorchlach the legend of Cordelia, of which we are official culinary partner. And it is actually to celebrate the national premiere of the series, Saturday, March 12th  at Cartoomics in Milan, that we have decided to introduce a delight that comes to us from the Middle Ages: … Read More

Renaissance medlar tartlets

Now that we have learned how to clean the medlar and make a delicious jam, we can prepare a delicate tart straight from 1653. Yes, you read that right, a recipe published for the first time in the book “A Book of Fruits & Flowers. The shewing Nature and Use of them, either for Meat or Medicine “, and that … Read More