Fast food dinner

Today, to celebrate the US Independence Day, we’ll not present a single recipe… But a menu, for a dinner with friends, to prepare the best-known American meal, typical of fast food: hamburger with fries ! 🙂 To prepare the best fast food dinner you have to take as long as necessary, and prepare every dish at home. Beginning with the burger buns, sweet … Read More

Tartlets with leeks and potatoes

Happy New Year 🙂 ! We’ll start 2015 with a vegetarian quiche made with vegetables typical of the winter months. Here are the tartlets with leeks and potatoes, enriched with parmesan, enclosed in a tasty hazelnut shortcrust pastry. Notes If you want to prepare a single pie, you have to increase by 50% the crust ingredients and double the filling, and then … Read More

Potato stew with rice and peas

We’re back to tell you a bit about our valley, with a very special recipe… A potato stew with rice and peas, flavoured with fresh chives and butter. Potatoes with rice? Does this sound weird? Well, you just have to try and you’ll change you mind 🙂 . This is a recipe of our family that was handed down through several generations 🙂 … Read More

Sorça d’étsatèn – Stew with green beans and bacon

Today we’re presenting the Sorça d’étsatèn (Summer Stew), a stew with green beans, potatoes and bacon, a typical dish of the cuisine of the Aosta Valley. There are countless variations of Sorça, almost one for every village 😉 the only constant of this dish is the use of bean mangetout of a particular quality: lo fèisou dë bocon, literally pieces-bean.  The fèisou … Read More

Saffron mashed potatoes

Serving our roasted chicken with cider without a worthy side dish would be a shame. That’s why we made this amber saffron mashed potatoes 🙂 . Mashed potatoes is a classic side dish we love so much; for Christmas lunch we wanted to change it a bit , replacing the black pepper and nutmeg, with saffron and crushed All spice (just … Read More

Rabbit with dried plums

How many of you have tasted or at least heard of the famous “Seuppa à la vapeuleunnentse” or “Favo” from Ozein? Today we want to share with you a recipe of our valley, perhaps less known but equally tasty: the rabbit with dried plums, accompanied by snow peas and boiled potatoes 🙂 That’s quicker to eat than to pronounce it! … Read More

Gratin Dauphinois

To accompany the tasty turkey roulade with ham, we’re proposing a side dish of French origin. The classic Gratin Dauphinois with potatoes, milk, Parmesan and a pinch of spice 🙂 . The version that we’re proposing has a lot less fat than the traditional version, there is no need to give up the taste, even if we give up the … Read More

Boston Clam Chowder

We continue our culinary journey in the United States, presenting the Boston Clam Chowder 🙂 . This soup, typical of the state of New England, is both tasty, thanks to bacon and clams, and delicate because the potatoes and milk dissolve the taste of the shellfish. The Clam Chowder is often served in a loaf of bread to be consumed with the … Read More

Potato Pirozhki – Пирожки с картошкой

One of the dishes you cannot miss during a journey in Russia are pirozhki 🙂 . These little buns may be filled with potatoes, meat, fish, mushrooms or cabbage and are perfect as a starter anyway. Filled with fruits, jam (or even chocolate 😉 ), pirozhki will enlighten your afternoon snack. During our last (alas only one) journey in the … Read More