Quince jelly

The quince jelly is a beautiful amber coloured recipe, a delight for both the eye and the palate ūüėÄ . This¬†jelly is excellent for breakfast, with oat biscuits, mixed¬†with yogurt and also accompanied with¬†seasoned spicy¬†cheese… In short there is no chance it’s going to be wasted. We always¬†prepare the quince jelly together with quince cheese, so with a recipe we … Read More

Quince cheese

The quince cheese is a sweet and hard jam made with quince and that can be cut into cubes. Very good and perfectly transportable, it is great for a healthy snack on the road ūüėČ . Preparing the quince cheese is simple but you need a little patience because quinces are not edible raw; they need a long cooking to … Read More