Salassi Roast: chicken roast with herbs

If you remember, our blog is culinary partner of Gorchlach: the legend of CordeliaĀ and, as promised, we’ll continue the journey through time presented by the series itself šŸ™‚ . These first gloomy days of autumn have inspired us and made us think about what probably our Salassi ancestors met during their passage over the Alps to conquer the today’s Valle … Read More

Veal roast with candied fruits sauce

After the brief interruption of Baci di Dama cookies, let’s get back to Christmas lunch šŸ˜‰ . Today we’re presenting the main course, with Renaissance hints: a tender veal roast served with a sauce made with candied fruits. The roast is typical of the Christmas time,Ā because it takes time to be cooked slowly in the oven. Don’t worry, it won’t … Read More

Seitan roast

A few years ago Fratelli ai Fornelli has attendedĀ a very interesting course on how to prepare seitan at home and today, in honour of the worldwide week of vegetarians, we’re proposing one of the best known dishes of vegan-vegetarian cuisine: the seitan roast. Seitan was born in ancient times in China with the name of Mian jin and spread later … Read More