Spaghetti nests with asparagus and eggs

Today we’re proposing a springtime first course: little spaghetti nests with asparagus, scented by a pinch of thyme and gratinated in the oven. Scenic and elegant, very tasty and easy to make 😉 . A few days ago we realized that after 8 months the blog still had not submitted a pasta recipe! A real shame! Thus, we run immediately to the … Read More

Plaice with spiced honey

Today we’ve been inspired by the taste of… the Ancient Rome! Earlier we attened a conference on the culinary tastes of Romans, we’ve decided to reinterpret in modern fashion the fish and honey mixture. Here’s the Roman plaice with honey, fresh ginger, black pepper and the fragrance of thyme! In the recipe we’ve omitted the Garum, an unmissable sauce that Romans used … Read More