Bichromatic Baci di Dama cookies – Lady’s Kisses

Let’s take a little break from the proposals for Christmas lunch… Of course you will not mind too much because we’re presenting a duo of Lady’s Kisses, a traditional italian pastry called Baci di dama 😉 . The first version is kinda classic with almond and hazelnut dough filled with dark chocolate cream. The second is the exact opposite: a … Read More

Annecy – In search of new flavours

Some days ago, we decided to take a trip in the Annecy… That’s right, beside the passion for cooking, we share the one for traveling! Even better, if we discover new flavours and new recipes to share with you 😉 Annecy, the Venice of the Alps: a small town with marine look, nestled between the beautiful mountains of Eastern France. Just … Read More