Seuppa d'éforié – Spring soup with rice and nettles

Sometimes we like to propose you some recipes from the old book about Aosta Valley cuisine published by and written by our mother. And since it’s spring, this soup with rice and nettles looks just perfect! 🙂 It is a dish of the rural tradition of the Aosta Valley, consumed in the early spring months because nettle is used mostly … Read More

Venere rice with prawns and orange

It’s been a long time since the last time we presented a rice recipe… And we wanted to prepare something special… So we took two birds with one stone and decided to add the aroma and taste of oranges to the classic black rice with prawns 🙂 . Choose carefully your black rice, taking care if it is a pre-cooked rice … Read More

Potato stew with rice and peas

We’re back to tell you a bit about our valley, with a very special recipe… A potato stew with rice and peas, flavoured with fresh chives and butter. Potatoes with rice? Does this sound weird? Well, you just have to try and you’ll change you mind 🙂 . This is a recipe of our family that was handed down through several generations 🙂 … Read More

Risotto with leeks, bacon and hazelnuts

Let’s continue, without delay, with the recipes for the Christmas dinner! This year we propose a tasty risotto with leeks, enriched with crisp slices of bacon and hazelnuts 🙂 . Stampa Risotto with leeks, bacon and hazelnuts Cuisine Egg free, Gluten free Prep Time 5 minutes Cook Time 18 minutes Total Time 23 minutes Servings 6 people Difficulty Ingredients 500 g of … Read More

Peas and mint risotto

You probably remember we told you about a duo of risottos, specially created to compose the symbol of yin-yang. Then, we presented only the yin, a black rice with liquorice… Today we’re proposing the yang: a fresh risotto with peas and a mild mint flavour 🙂 . Stampa Peas and mint risotto Cuisine Egg free, Gluten free, Vegetarian Prep Time … Read More

Licorice black Venere risotto

Some time ago, we invented a duo of risottos that compose the yin-yang, so as to bring to the table a dish so good as spectacular 🙂 . We currently have the yin, the night: the black Venere risotto with licorice. This recipe gets inspiration from chinese fried rice, from which it borrows the diced ham, omelette and soy sauce. In ancient China, … Read More

Wild rice with chicken, raisins and mint

Easter is coming, and also this year we want to propose a menu to be enjoyed in family. We’ll start by a fresh and particular first course: wild rice, enriched with chicken and raisins and flavoured with fresh mint… With this mild climate, you may already be able to harvest some mints leafs from your garden! 🙂 The rice we’re … Read More