Gingerbread cookies, little Zenzy from Shrek

gingerbread cookies

Watching movies, we are always looking for scenes with dishes that inspire us: yet we had almost missed Shrek! In this animated movie by Dreamworks not only food is important in many scenes, but it also comes to life and becomes a nice side character: Zenzy! So here we’ve got our recipe of gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread are soft and spicy … Read More

Pain épices tiramisu

We have reached the grand finale of the Christmas dinner, and for such an important occasion dessert must be not only good, but also scenic and well presented, so we propose a tasty pain d’épices tiramisu served in single-portion cups 🙂 . Layers of sponge cake lightly spiced with anise and all spice, wet with a little drop of Grand Marnier, … Read More