Apple strudel from Fantastic beasts and where to find them

If you have watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you’ll certainly remember the apple strudel that Queenie prepares for the stunned Kowalski 🙂 . Its fragrance enchants the confectioner almost as much as the beautiful sorceress. Once the scene was over, our usual analysis and reconstruction of the recipe began. Let’s start with the obvious, it’s an apple … Read More

Pork roast with Russet Apples

Temperatures have dropped and, as someone says, winter is coming, so we’ll propose a roast to be slowly cooked in the oven, letting its scent invade the whole house 😉 … Here is a pork roast with russet apples, flavored with honey, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. Why precisely russet apples? We have chosen them for their taste not too sweet, nor too sour, perfect together with … Read More

Pizza with ham, gorgonzola, apple and honey

Today we wanted to delight you with a new pizza! Although it is one of the last pizza that we have tried, we liked it so much that we immediately inserted among our favorite… A recipe does not need to age like wine 😉 ! Back to the pizza: a thin layer of tomato sauce with the addition of mozzarella, … Read More

Roasted chicken with cider

It’s time for the main course of Christmas dinner: roasted chicken with cider and bay leaves 🙂 ! Due to the cooking in cider, the chicken meat is very tender and apple flavored, but not overly sweet because the acidity of the cider is enhanced by the addition of small green apples.  Yet, the secret lies in the use of tiny immature … Read More

Ham and apple roses

Few weeks left until Christmas and… You know what time has come? No… We’re not talking about gifts, for that there is still a lot of time (like Christmas Eve :P), but about Christmas dinner 😀 ! Dive right then immediately into the warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere with a nice appetizer: apple and ham roses flavored with grains of java pepper … Read More

Millefeuille with spiced apple compote and vanilla custard

We love experimenting and combining different culinary traditions! 🙂 Today recipe comes from that, a puff spiced pastry composed of three discs and stuffed with vanilla custard and apple compote. This small cake will satisfy both your palate and your eyes, combining classic traditions of Italian-French puff pastry, with the constant of German food, the spices! Once prepared remember to let it … Read More

Snow White toffee apples

On the occasion of Halloween we’ll prepare some good toffee apples Snow White would surely appreciate 🙂 . Crisp and shiny on the outside, soft juicy inside… The queen went in haste to a secret room where no one could enter and prepared the most poisonous apple that the world ever saw. Outside the apple was so beautiful, red and white, … Read More