Candied cherries

Last week, in the recipe of cherry jam, we mentioned other recipes with cherries 🙂 . So today we’ll show you another way to preserve these wonderful fruits, they’ll be perfect to decorate and flavor cakes throughout the winter… Candied cherries 😀 The preparation of candied cherries is a bit different from that of oranges, because you cannot cook cherries … Read More


Il Panettone, the King of Italian Christmas cakes… Have you ever tried to do it at home? The process is going to seem long, but the yeast will make most of the work with five hours of leavening. The origin of the Panettone is told by various legends, and among these we have chosen a really pretty one. It is … Read More

Candied oranges

Candied oranges are typical of the Christmas time, but delicious at every opportunity! For example, after your meal, for some extra snacks during a movie, or as small and sinful bite for your diet 😉 , and why not… Maybe coated with dark chocolate, which will mitigate their sweetness and it will enhance the flavor. The preparation of candied oranges is very simple … Read More

Pastiera – Easter Neapolitan tart

We’re concluding the lunch menu for Easter with a traditional tart from Neples, Italy: an sweet dough enclosing a rich cream made with ricotta cheese, cooked wheat, candied fruit, eggs and spices. We are sure that you have already figured out what recipe is that… The unmistakable Pastiera 😀 . To prepare a good pastiera time and patience are indispensable, … Read More

Veal roast with candied fruits sauce

After the brief interruption of Baci di Dama cookies, let’s get back to Christmas lunch 😉 . Today we’re presenting the main course, with Renaissance hints: a tender veal roast served with a sauce made with candied fruits. The roast is typical of the Christmas time, because it takes time to be cooked slowly in the oven. Don’t worry, it won’t … Read More