Chocolate and caramel muesli

Waking up in a good mood is very important, and certainly having the same breakfast every day does not help, so after the crunchy granola muesli with almonds and raisins we had to present you a new granola recipe we are enjoying this very morning: chocolate and caramel muesli, enriched with crunchy toasted hazelnuts šŸ˜€ .  

Coffee and caramel dessert

OnlyĀ one week is leftĀ untilĀ Easter, therefore, it is the perfect time to reveal our dessertĀ for the Easter lunch. Hoping for spring weather to organize a barbecue šŸ˜‰ , we have chosen an elegant fresh dessert with coffee and caramel šŸ˜€ : layers of mascarpone cream cheese and lightly spiced coffee, separated by thin caramel discs. The coffee dessert, though it may … Read More

Millefeuille with spiced apple compote and vanilla custard

We love experimenting and combining different culinary traditions! šŸ™‚ Today recipe comes from that, a puff spiced pastry composedĀ of three discs and stuffed with vanilla custard and apple compote. This small cake will satisfy both your palate andĀ your eyes, combining classic traditions of Italian-French puff pastry, with the constant of German food, the spices! Once prepared remember to let it … Read More

Dobos torta – Hungarian chocolate layered cake

As promised, we have prepared the dessert you voted theĀ most votes and thank you for all the comments and private messages šŸ™‚ . For this first survey the Dobos cake is the winner, but soon we will also present the chestnut dessert! The Dobos cake was created in 1885 by the Hungarian patissierĀ JĆ³zsef C. Dobos in honour of the National … Read More

Snow White toffee apples

On the occasion of Halloween we’ll prepare some good toffee apples Snow White would surely appreciate šŸ™‚ . Crisp and shiny on the outside, soft juicy inside… The queen went in haste to a secret room where no one could enter and prepared the most poisonous apple that the worldĀ ever saw. Outside the apple was so beautiful, red and white, … Read More