Carrot cupcakes with lemon and almonds

Today, a special recipe: delicious carrot cupcakes with lemon zest and almond, topped with a mascarpone cheese frosting 😀 . The cupcakes contain half wholemeal spelt flour. Spelt is probably the oldest cereal cultivated by man, and leaves a sweet aroma more intense than wheat. Also, this grain is more easily digestible, even by people intolerant to gluten. Spelt was extremely … Read More

Harvest cake from Drag me to Hell

Halloween is almost here and you do not know what to prepare for your guests yet? Could Harvest cake with carrots from the popular film “Drag Me to Hell” be more suitable? 🙂 If you’ve seen the movie you know what we’re talking about and you know what happens to the protagonist when she tries to eat her slice. And why … Read More

Carrot flan with cardamom and poppy seeds

To accompany the fresh taste of pollock, we’re proposing a delicate side dish that goes very well with the hints of citrons: mono-portion flans made with carrots and Philadelphia cheese, scented by cardamom pods and poppy seeds 🙂 If you want more information on cardamom take a look at the bottom of the post on the trip to Annecy 🙂 .  

Creamy ginger soup

We are now in December and Christmas is getting closer! So no more talk and we let’s continue with our proposals for Christmas dinner 😉 . Since you do not need to have a fat and heavy dinner to celebrate, we have chosen a first course light and sparkling: a creamy ginger soup 🙂 . Thanks to the ginger, the creamy will … Read More