Tropea’s onions jam with habanero pepper

Tropea's onions jam with habanero pepper

Our desire to cook was very low in the summer months. But now we are back! We start again to publish with a jam, still decidedly summer, but perfect for warming up in the winter evenings;). A onions jam, strictly from Tropea, and habanero pepper! Definitely spicy this jam is perfect to combine with cheese. Delicious to give flavor to … Read More

Cultivate chili peppers

This weekend, in addition to the kitchen, we are going to DIY and set our greenhouse and start to cultivate chili peppers also this year ūüėČ . As you may remember from the previous post, in which we described the varieties we grew last summer, we love chilli and we love having different species to choose the one that best … Read More

Chili peppers

We often ¬†read¬†the words “a pinch of chili pepper”¬†among the ingredients of a recipe without any indication about the variety and quantity… As if it were a negligible surplus, only useful to spicy the recipe. Different varieties of chili peppers, however, not only will make your dish more or less spicy, but they will change its¬†taste. Without any doubt chili … Read More

Spicy molten lava cakes

Valentine’s Day is almost here, we propose, therefore, a transgressive dessert perfect to end your romantic dinner: molten lava cakes spiced with chili¬†pepper, served with vanilla custard ūüėČ . These cakes are inspired by traditional French recipe of mo√ęlleux au chocolat: chocolate cakelets¬†with the peculiarity¬†of being “half-cooked” so that the center remains soft. You have to serve the dessert nice … Read More

Guy Fawkes Cupcakes

“Remember, remember the fifth of november, Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I see no reason, why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot” No, it’s not a quote of “V for Vendetta”, these are the first sentences of the rhyme “Remember Remember”. Tonight in England everyone will commemorate the Bonefire Night; a lot of bonfires and fireworks will be lit.¬†To celebrate, we … Read More