Tuna deviled eggs

There cannot be family dinners without deviled eggs 😀 ! Surely you know what we’re talking about and you surely tasted or prepared them at least once… Today we’re presenting the classic deviled egg stuffed with tuna, but it is up to you to create new awesome versions 😀 ! Remember not to use extra-fresh eggs, but at least one … Read More


Today we’re proposing one of the most classic sauces and most used in the kitchen: mayonnaise 🙂 . This sauce goes well with meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. It lends itself also very well to refined decorations. You’ll surely have a jar in the fridge, but the flavor of the sauce homemade will be far better than the one purchased. … Read More

Spaghetti nests with asparagus and eggs

Today we’re proposing a springtime first course: little spaghetti nests with asparagus, scented by a pinch of thyme and gratinated in the oven. Scenic and elegant, very tasty and easy to make 😉 . A few days ago we realized that after 8 months the blog still had not submitted a pasta recipe! A real shame! Thus, we run immediately to the … Read More