A few days ago our grandmother gave us a dozen fresh eggs… Going back home we stopped to get the mascarpone cheese, and for sure you have figured out what we wanted to prepare… Of course the Tiramisu, one of the most classic and iconic Italian dessert 🙂 . A dessert as rich as the Tiramisù in the summer? The summer … Read More

Fast food dinner

Today, to celebrate the US Independence Day, we’ll not present a single recipe… But a menu, for a dinner with friends, to prepare the best-known American meal, typical of fast food: hamburger with fries ! 🙂 To prepare the best fast food dinner you have to take as long as necessary, and prepare every dish at home. Beginning with the burger buns, sweet … Read More

Rolls with asparagus and scrambled eggs

Today we’re propsing a tasty appetizer: crispy warka dough rolls stuffed with steamed asparagus and scrambled eggs. All flavored with Java long pepper. These rolls are a great way to enjoy the last asparagus, before the plants come back to rest until next spring 😉 . The warka dough is a specialty of the Arab and North African cuisine, looks like thin sheets with … Read More

Contest easter cakes: the winner

We’ve made it, after all this time we have prepared and tasted the 3 finalist recipes of the Easter cakes’ contest 😀 . Before announcing the winner we have to tell you that all the three desserts were great and very different from each other 🙂 Colombine by In cucina con Marika: the small doves are made with a brioche dough, lightly scented … Read More

Chicken bastilla

Chicken bastilla is a traditional savory pie from Morocco. A brittle warka dough shell  contains a multitude of flavors: tasty chicken with saffron and ras el hanout, spicy omelet, toasted almonds scented with orange blossom water; all topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon 😀 . Yes, for the Italian conception of the savory-sweet this recipe may saound strange, but it really is tasty and spectacular… … Read More

Contest Easter cakes: recipes in final

Hello friends 🙂 ! Easter have passed, and the first part of our Easter cakes contest is over. First of all we want to thank you, you have been so many! We took some time to choose the finalists because all your suggestions were great and inspired us so much 🙂 . And now, the three recipes that will prepare ourselves in order to choose … Read More

Contest Easter cakes

Although our first cooking contest has just finished, we’ve already prepared the second one… This time with a classic theme, but not less tasty: the Easter cakes 😀 . Obviously the unmissable recipe is a traditional Pastiera, the rich Neapolitan cake made with ricotta cheese and candied fruit 🙂 . To enter the contest, you need to publish a recipe for a cake typical of … Read More

Key lime pie

Today we’re presenting the official dessert of Florida: The Key lime pie. Perfect tart for the summer season! Quick to prepare, refreshing thanks to the sour and bitter taste of limes. It tastes like biting into a slice of lemonade 🙂 . The cream of the Key lime pie has very few ingredients: lime juice and zest, egg yolks and condensed … Read More

Cider of Cordelia eggnog

We’re at the end of the Carnival this year…But before going back to our diet it is absolutely necessary to enjoy a last bite! And what caould be better than a warm eggnog just typical of this period? 🙂 The recipe that we’re presenting today differs slightly from traditional eggnog flavored with marsala, because we used the apple cider. And because we … Read More

Spicy mulled white wine eggnog

Could we leave you without a sauce with which to enjoy the panettone? Absolutely not! Eggnog, you know, it is traditional in this time of year, but we wanted to give it a new flavour that connected it to Christmas even more 🙂 ! So we’ve added some spices to the traditional recipe… And the Spicy mulled white wine eggnog was born. Firstly … Read More