Rose and honey yogurt bowls

Today we’ll propose a pudding that reminds you the flavors from Greece: a delicate yogurt cream perfumed with rose and covered with honey jelly 🙂 . This Rose and honey yogurt bowls are quick to prepare and no need to turn on the oven ;), They are very refreshing and suitable  as a after dinner dessert.  

Yogurt tart

Have you ever had to prepare a dessert for a dinner, but the summer afternoon was so hot that you did not want to turn the oven on? Well, surely… This yogurt tart will solve your problem 🙂 The yogurt tart is a quick and easy to prepare and usually appreciated by anyone! You can serve it in its most … Read More

Spicy coffee semifreddo

Since summer hasn’t gone yet and the days are still warm, today we’re proposing a refreshing dessert. A spicy semifreddo, composed of two distinct layers connected to each other by the intense flavour of coffee 🙂 . The first layer is a cream made of fresh ricotta cheese and greek yogurt, delicately spiced with vanilla that enhances the taste of … Read More