Pizza with ham, gorgonzola, apple and honey

Today we wanted to delight you with a new pizza! Although it is one of the last pizza that we have tried, we liked it so much that we immediately inserted among our favorite… A recipe does not need to age like wine 😉 ! Back to the pizza: a thin layer of tomato sauce with the addition of mozzarella, … Read More

Bichromatic salted Baci di Dama cookies – Lady’s Kisses

Here’s a nice appetizer, layered and very colorful as we promised last week 🙂 . The bichromatic salted Baci di Dama cookies are spiced up with turmeric and paprika and stuffed with a delicious mousse made with ham and Philadelphia cheese 😀 . We chose to prepare these small Baci cookies, first of all because they’re are good, secondly because they are layered (which … Read More

Croissants with ham, mascarpone and vanilla

Today we’re presenting a tasty snack: croissants with ham, mascarpone and vanilla… Some of you may be horrified to read vanilla among the ingredients of these fragrant tiny little croissants 🙂 . But do not worry, everything is under control! 😀 The use of vanilla in salted dishes and in particular with meat will give to your dishes an irresistible aroma, … Read More

Ham and apple roses

Few weeks left until Christmas and… You know what time has come? No… We’re not talking about gifts, for that there is still a lot of time (like Christmas Eve :P), but about Christmas dinner 😀 ! Dive right then immediately into the warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere with a nice appetizer: apple and ham roses flavored with grains of java pepper … Read More

Zucchini and ham swirls

Today we’re presenting a first recipe to use our pizza dough: delicious zucchini and ham swirls. They are perfect as an appetizer or finger food: the combination of zucchini, basil and ham is delicious 🙂 . The recipe is easy to prepare, we’ll give you some tips for a better result: roll out the dough very thin, about 2-3 mm, so … Read More

Turkey roulade with ham and caramelized onions

Let’s proceed with the Easter lunch, presenting a tasty turkey roulade, which contains the delicate caramelized onions and ham. All wrapped in slices cooked ham, which help to keep the meat soft and making it even tastier 😉 . Last year at Easter we prepared an excellent rabbit with cranberries… And we did not find any chocolate egg hidden in the garden … Read More