Lime meringues

We often have many egg whites into the house, for example, if we have just finished enjoying a vanilla custard 😉 . Today we’re proposing a way to use them: lime meringues. The sour-bitter taste of lime goes very well with meringues and it dilutes thier sweetness 🙂 . Preparing the meringues at home is not that complicated, you just need a … Read More

Purple Spell (blueberry cocktail)

For a couple of week, we have started doing experiments in molecular cuisine… Finally we are ready to prepare you our first recipe: Purple Spell. This blueberry cocktail will amaze and delight your friends 🙂 . In a base of vodka and ice, small molecular blueberry float free… Just before drinking it, shake it and by magic your drink will turn deep purple.For … Read More


Guacamole is a rich dip made with fresh avocado, enriched with lime juice, salt and various spices. Its history dates back to the Aztecs, the ancient inhabitants of the Mexico until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. The word “guacamole”, derives from Ahuaca-Molli, avocado sauce in Nahuatl language. Originally the recipe did not requested to add tomatoes and onions… But like … Read More

Key lime pie

Today we’re presenting the official dessert of Florida: The Key lime pie. Perfect tart for the summer season! Quick to prepare, refreshing thanks to the sour and bitter taste of limes. It tastes like biting into a slice of lemonade 🙂 . The cream of the Key lime pie has very few ingredients: lime juice and zest, egg yolks and condensed … Read More

Diced chicken with pineapple and lime

After some desserts, today we’re presenting a light and naturally healthy second dish without sacrificing the Taste! Here, then, an excellent diced chicken with pineapple and lime juice. This chicken has a slightly sweet taste, but not too much, because the sweetness of pineapple is dampened by the sour-bitter taste of lime juice 😉 . The diced chicken with pineapple … Read More

Virgin Mojito

Many of you have requested us soft drinks, so we decided to start with one of the most famous and refreshing drinks: Virgin Mojito :D! This is the non-alcoholic variant of mojito, the popular Cuban cocktail flavoured with fresh mint and lime. In this version, the white rum is replaced by ginger ale, which adds a touch of spicy ginger to … Read More