Medlar cheese

A cheese made with fruits? It really is, and you’ll certainly see that the flavour of this dish with strange name will perfectly fit Christmas time with its spicy scent! The medlar cheese comes directly from spicy fruit pastes widespread during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which were often prepared with quinces and pears and, we could say, are … Read More

Modern medlar tartlets

We had to. After experiencing the Renaissance medlar tartlets, we had to prepare a more modern and simpler version of them. So, we have replaced the eggs and fruit compote with a simple medlar jam, enclosing it in a super buttery dough which will literally melt in the mouth just like snow 🙂 . Sounds good, doesn’t it?!  

Renaissance medlar tartlets

Now that we have learned how to clean the medlar and make a delicious jam, we can prepare a delicate tart straight from 1653. Yes, you read that right, a recipe published for the first time in the book “A Book of Fruits & Flowers. The shewing Nature and Use of them, either for Meat or Medicine “, and that … Read More

Medlar jam

Today we want to talk about a fruit a bit unknown nowadays, yet highly appreciated in the past centuries: the Germanic or common medlar.The common medlar belongs to the Rosaceae family, the same that includes apples and pears, and just as these two it is related to the autumn. It has a unique and special taste, and like everything unique, … Read More