Mint and tapioca pudding

We haven’t prepared new puddings for quite a long time, maybe because wee were a bit lazy  or maybe because we have prepared only the mahlabia for its fresh taste 😉 … However, since we have plenty of mint in the garden we decided to prepare a new recipe, firstly changing the flavour of dessert and then its consistency by using … Read More

Chocolate and mint cheesecake

Have we told you yet that cheesecakes are one of our favorite desserts? Yes! Probably more than once 🙂 . So what better excuse to prepare another one without feeling guilty, even if series of lunches and dinners have been continuing since Christmas, as we had to take pictures for the blog 😀 . Here’s the chocolate and mint cheesecake! … Read More

Peas and mint risotto

You probably remember we told you about a duo of risottos, specially created to compose the symbol of yin-yang. Then, we presented only the yin, a black rice with liquorice… Today we’re proposing the yang: a fresh risotto with peas and a mild mint flavour 🙂 .   Composing the symbol of yin-yang is simple, but you’ll have to be … Read More

Dark chocolates with mint heart

Easter would not be Easter without a little chocolate! 🙂 We could not forget about it, that’s why today we’re presenting some chocolates to prepare and leave unattended in the living room during the holidays 😉 . The shell of dark chocolate encloses a soft filling of white chocolate scented by the first mint leaves in spring 🙂 . We … Read More

Moroccan mint green tea

Tea in Morocco takes on the role of a real ceremony and, unlike the Italian traditions, is also consumed during meals, maybe accompanying a delicious chicken bastilla or a vegetable couscous. The tea mostly used is the special gunpowder, a Chinese green tea that comes in the form of tiny dark balls. The infusion time for this tea is short, about … Read More

Wild rice with chicken, raisins and mint

Easter is coming, and also this year we want to propose a menu to be enjoyed in family. We’ll start by a fresh and particular first course: wild rice, enriched with chicken and raisins and flavoured with fresh mint… With this mild climate, you may already be able to harvest some mints leafs from your garden! 🙂 The rice we’re … Read More

Virgin Mojito

Many of you have requested us soft drinks, so we decided to start with one of the most famous and refreshing drinks: Virgin Mojito :D! This is the non-alcoholic variant of mojito, the popular Cuban cocktail flavoured with fresh mint and lime. In this version, the white rum is replaced by ginger ale, which adds a touch of spicy ginger to … Read More