Aeolian Islands pasta

Several weeks since our first pasta recipe have already passed… How could we drop into oblivion this important dish 😉 ? Today we’re presenting our favorite pasta. A recipe coming from the vulcanic Aeolian Islands, in Sicily, made with a rich sauce with tuna, onion, peppers, olives and capers 😀 . As we already said, this recipe comes straight from the beautiful … Read More

Quiche with tuna and sweet peppers

Today we’re presenting a delicious quiche of Mediterranean flavor, with sweet peppers, tuna and olives 🙂 . Often our recipes have their own story… But this quiche was born almost by accident 🙂 . You’ll probably remember the terrible weather we had this spring, cold, gray and rainy… Except some rare sunny day. Just one of those beautiful days, we … Read More