Pumpkin cheesecake

If there’s a cake that we can’t get tired of, is the cheesecake. Perhaps because of its creaminess, perhaps for its fresh taste or because it can be garnished and flavored in any way. The first cheesecake that we presented in the blog were “Merida’s magic tartlets“, a classic Philadephia cake accompanied by blueberry jam. But for a while an … Read More

Red Velvet cupcakes

Here we come for the dessert for Easter dinner, a fresh cupcake in the guise of Red Velvet, topped by a delicate cheese cream 🙂 . The Red Velvet is a cake from US, popular in the old World too especially in recent years. The cake is characterised by its vermilion colour and a creamy white frosting, creating a spectacular colour … Read More

Cannoli filled with tuna mousse

Since Christmas is nearly here, today we’re going to start our proposals for Christmas dinner! 🙂 And we’re starting with an appetizer, fast to prepare, delicious and quite scenic: small cannoli stuffed with a delicate tuna and Philadelphia mousse and flavored with a pinch of white pepper and a few leaves of fresh parsley. This year there is a surprise, … Read More

Trio of rolls with dates

Christmas is coming… And we still have got plenty of things to do: we have to think of gifts, decorations and, most importantly, to Christmas dinner 🙂 ! Have you chosen the menu yet? In case you had not, we hope to inspire you with our proposals. Beginning from the first course of the meal, we’re presenting a starter that … Read More

Guy Fawkes Cupcakes

“Remember, remember the fifth of november, Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I see no reason, why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot” No, it’s not a quote of “V for Vendetta”, these are the first sentences of the rhyme “Remember Remember”. Tonight in England everyone will commemorate the Bonefire Night; a lot of bonfires and fireworks will be lit. To celebrate, we … Read More

Merida’s magic tartlets

If you have seen “Brave”, one of the latest Pixar movie, you’ll surely remember the beautiful magic tartlet that Merida offers her mother in order to change her mind about Merida’s wedding. Watching the film, we got dazzled by the beauty of the magic tartlet 😉 . So, we immediately stopped the image and started analyzing the dessert… An exterior … Read More