No-bake pumpkin cheesecake

Although these days it’s still very warm, the first leaves of the trees have turned golden and the first pumpkins are ripe at last… What better way to introduce a new no-bake pumpkin cheesecake?? We had already presented a pumpkin cheesecake too a lot of time ago, a classic baked cheesecake with eggs and Philadelphia cheese. The today’s recipe is an egg-free cheesecake, … Read More

Sacher Cupcakes

You certainly all know the Viennese Sacher Torte, the famous chocolate cake filled with apricot jam and covered with chocolate ganache 🙂 . Today we wanted to stay on the topic, proposing the smaller Sacher cupcakes 🙂 . Perfect for an afternoon with friends or as a small dessert after a summer dinner, this cupcake will be an explosion of cocoa, and … Read More

Coffee Cheesecake

Today we’re presenting a delicious variant of this traditional American cake: cheesecake flavored with coffee and a few grains of all spice to give a spiced note to the dessert 🙂 . This coffee cheesecake is so perfect for breakfast, certainly will make you smile all day long 😀 .  

Bichromatic salted Baci di Dama cookies – Lady’s Kisses

Here’s a nice appetizer, layered and very colorful as we promised last week 🙂 . The bichromatic salted Baci di Dama cookies are spiced up with turmeric and paprika and stuffed with a delicious mousse made with ham and Philadelphia cheese 😀 . We chose to prepare these small Baci cookies, first of all because they’re are good, secondly because they are layered (which … Read More

Mimosa cupcakes

Today we have a nice idea to surprise a friend, girlfriend or mom for Women’s Day! 😀 Why should you buy flowers, when you can prepare yourself a dessert that remembers mimosas? So here’ve got the mimosa cupcakes, flavored with vanilla and orange blossom 😀 . The Mimosa cake traditionally requires a custard filling… But to make it easier, we decided to omit the custard and replace … Read More

Liquorice Black velvet cupcakes

Today we’re proposing some dessert with the black heart, the black velvet cupcakes flavoured with liquorice extract and accompanied by Philadelphia cheese frosting. These cakes are extremely evil, if you like liquorice you’ll fall into their trap and you’ll never stop eating them 😉 . Having the black food-coloring, we were forced to find a recipe where to use it 😉 . … Read More

Rose cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… And if you are in a crisis, not knowing what dessert prepare to your partner, here’s an fun and ease idea that will help you! The rose cupcakes: soft cupcakes scented with vanilla and rose, decorated with a Philadelphia cheese frosting 😀 . The cupcakes are really easy to prepare and with a minimum … Read More

Chocolate and mint cheesecake

Have we told you yet that cheesecakes are one of our favorite desserts? Yes! Probably more than once 🙂 . So what better excuse to prepare another one without feeling guilty, even if series of lunches and dinners have been continuing since Christmas, as we had to take pictures for the blog 😀 . Here’s the chocolate and mint cheesecake! … Read More

Red Velvet Cake

After having presented the Red velvet cupcakes, it was our due to introduce the unique and unimitabile Red Velvet Cake 🙂 ! The history of this charming cake with that white-red contrast that characterizes is very special, and even though we’ve already told it in the cupcakes, today we’re going to tell you again 🙂 . In the 20s, a lovely lady tasted … Read More

Carrot flan with cardamom and poppy seeds

To accompany the fresh taste of pollock, we’re proposing a delicate side dish that goes very well with the hints of citrons: mono-portion flans made with carrots and Philadelphia cheese, scented by cardamom pods and poppy seeds 🙂 If you want more information on cardamom take a look at the bottom of the post on the trip to Annecy 🙂 .