Tourte parmerienne – Medieval Pie

Are you ready for a journey through time? Different epochs await us in the series Gorchlach the legend of Cordelia, of which we are official culinary partner. And it is actually to celebrate the national premiere of the series, Saturday, March 12th  at Cartoomics in Milan, that we have decided to introduce a delight that comes to us from the Middle Ages: … Read More

Katniss Everdeen’s lamb stew with dried plums and wild rice

The past years we have presented two recipes taken from famous books Hunger Games: the pumpkin brew and roasted quails with tangerines. Today at the release of the last chapter of the saga, we could not let slip the opportunity to present the favorite dish of Katniss! The lamb stew with dried plums and wild rice. “The stew’s made with tender chucks of lamb … Read More

Rabbit with dried plums

How many of you have tasted or at least heard of the famous “Seuppa à la vapeuleunnentse” or “Favo” from Ozein? Today we want to share with you a recipe of our valley, perhaps less known but equally tasty: the rabbit with dried plums, accompanied by snow peas and boiled potatoes 🙂 That’s quicker to eat than to pronounce it! … Read More