Milk and seed Danube Bread

These days we are on holiday 😀 , we’ll propose you a nice loaf, inspired by the sweet Danube bread, which we’ve just enjoyed lounging in the sun: a soft bread dough with milk enriched with fragrant sesame, poppy and amaranth seeds. This bread must be eaten strictly by hand, pulling a tiny ball, one after another, so laid down your knives … Read More

Carrot flan with cardamom and poppy seeds

To accompany the fresh taste of pollock, we’re proposing a delicate side dish that goes very well with the hints of citrons: mono-portion flans made with carrots and Philadelphia cheese, scented by cardamom pods and poppy seeds 🙂 If you want more information on cardamom take a look at the bottom of the post on the trip to Annecy 🙂 .