Strawberry and banana mousse

Go out now to collect or buy the last strawberries! Otherwise this recipe will haunt you until the next spring 😉 . Today’s recipe is an irresistible mousse with strawberries, bananas and Philadelphia cheese, to be served slightly cool as a refreshing dessert; or, in summer, as a base for a delicious ice cream 🙂Eating the mouse all alone, however, is a bit … Read More

Carrot cupcakes with lemon and almonds

Today, a special recipe: delicious carrot cupcakes with lemon zest and almond, topped with a mascarpone cheese frosting 😀 . The cupcakes contain half wholemeal spelt flour. Spelt is probably the oldest cereal cultivated by man, and leaves a sweet aroma more intense than wheat. Also, this grain is more easily digestible, even by people intolerant to gluten. Spelt was extremely … Read More

Soft loaves with spelt and rye

Christmas, and of course dinner, are imminent… Today we won’t be presenting a dish, but a recipe that will accompany the whole meal: loaves with spelt and rye. The loaves are very easy to do, all you need is patience to make them leaven well. They are very fragrant and tasty, and using spelt flour they’ll remain crisp 🙂 . Now, … Read More