Cocoa and citrus hearts

Saturday is Valentine’s Day, and you surely don’t want to miss the chance to impress and delight your beloved one with a fantastic and romantic dessert ūüôā ! We’ll propose cocoa and citrus hearts: chocolate sponge cake, flavored with lemon zest, filled with orange custard and coated with a thin layer of chocolate icing. The preparation of the hearts¬†is not … Read More

Review of Torta 900 by Balla

We decided to inaugurate this new section of our blog reviewing a legend of northern Italian pastry: the Torta¬†900 by Balla, Ivrea ūüôā . No one¬†precisely knows the recipe for this dessert, created and patented by the Italian pastry chef Bertinotti at the end of the nineteenth century, although many have tried to prepare¬†it … And to be honest, we … Read More

Pain épices tiramisu

We have reached the grand finale of the Christmas dinner, and for such an important occasion dessert must be not only good, but also scenic and well presented, so we propose a tasty pain d’√©pices tiramisu served in single-portion cups ūüôā . Layers of sponge cake lightly spiced with anise and all spice, wet with a little drop of¬†Grand Marnier, … Read More

Mini Dobos with white chocolate

We reached the endind of the recipes for Christmas dinner, but of course we can not forget the dessert. Do you remember the Hungarian Dobos cake? Go now to review the recipe ūüėČ . Inspired by the whiteness of the snow (or perhaps by nostalgia of the absence this winter), we propose a variant with white chocolate: here are the … Read More

Dobos torta – Hungarian chocolate layered cake

As promised, we have prepared the dessert you voted the¬†most votes and thank you for all the comments and private messages ūüôā . For this first survey the Dobos cake is the winner, but soon we will also present the chestnut dessert! The Dobos cake was created in 1885 by the Hungarian patissier¬†J√≥zsef C. Dobos in honour of the National … Read More

Cake 1708 Deluxe

On this day, exactly one year ago, we published the Banana Bread… That’s right, today is the first anniversary of Fratelli ai Fornelli :D! To celebrate with you, we’re proposing a variant of the Cake 1708, our favorite :). The 1708 Deluxe maintains the union of the original cake: hazelnuts, raspberries and gianduja chocolate; but its dress is renewed, becoming … Read More