Aeolian Islands pasta

Several weeks since our first pasta recipe have already passed… How could we drop into oblivion this important dish 😉 ? Today we’re presenting our favorite pasta. A recipe coming from the vulcanic Aeolian Islands, in Sicily, made with a rich sauce with tuna, onion, peppers, olives and capers 😀 . As we already said, this recipe comes straight from the beautiful … Read More

Tuna deviled eggs

There cannot be family dinners without deviled eggs 😀 ! Surely you know what we’re talking about and you surely tasted or prepared them at least once… Today we’re presenting the classic deviled egg stuffed with tuna, but it is up to you to create new awesome versions 😀 ! Remember not to use extra-fresh eggs, but at least one … Read More

Cannoli filled with tuna mousse

Since Christmas is nearly here, today we’re going to start our proposals for Christmas dinner! 🙂 And we’re starting with an appetizer, fast to prepare, delicious and quite scenic: small cannoli stuffed with a delicate tuna and Philadelphia mousse and flavored with a pinch of white pepper and a few leaves of fresh parsley. This year there is a surprise, … Read More

Quiche with tuna and sweet peppers

Today we’re presenting a delicious quiche of Mediterranean flavor, with sweet peppers, tuna and olives 🙂 . Often our recipes have their own story… But this quiche was born almost by accident 🙂 . You’ll probably remember the terrible weather we had this spring, cold, gray and rainy… Except some rare sunny day. Just one of those beautiful days, we … Read More