Învârtită cu nucă: Romanian walnut cake

Today we’re going to present a dessert of Romanian origin: Învârtită cu nucă, a walnut cake rolled up on itself. The Învârtită is certainly a very scenic and tasty dessert, yet simple to prepare. The first time we’ve tried it, we marveled: it is a slightly sweeten bread dough, which encloses chopped walnuts and brown sugar, no spices at all; but the … Read More

Marina Salad, with walnuts and bleu d’Aoste cheese

Today we’re proposing a fresh salad, to perfectly end up a meal in these first warm days 😉 . A fresh green salad with lettuce and radicchio, enriched with walnuts and Bleu d’Aoste cheese. A bit thank you goes to our friend Marina, for the excellent dinner she prepared for us time ago and for giving us this fantastic recipe. This … Read More

Harvest cake from Drag me to Hell

Halloween is almost here and you do not know what to prepare for your guests yet? Could Harvest cake with carrots from the popular film “Drag Me to Hell” be more suitable? 🙂 If you’ve seen the movie you know what we’re talking about and you know what happens to the protagonist when she tries to eat her slice. And why … Read More