Tropea’s onions jam with habanero pepper

Tropea's onions jam with habanero pepper

Our desire to cook was very low in the summer months. But now we are back! We start again to publish with a jam, still decidedly summer, but perfect for warming up in the winter evenings;). A onions jam, strictly from Tropea, and habanero pepper! Definitely spicy this jam is perfect to combine with cheese. Delicious to give flavor to … Read More

Lemon marmelade

We began last week to publish marmalades, starting with the orange one, today we continue with lemon marmelade with its bitter taste and unforgettable aroma! To get the best marmelade you need to choose carefully the lemons, first of all must be neither treated nor waxed, then choose them as large and fragrant  as possible 🙂 . It needs a little patience to prepare … Read More

Orange marmalade

We have time for one last recipe with oranges, before these citrus disappear until next winter, we will show you our breakfast of the week. Orange marmalade, given its bitter taste is excellent not only with bread, but also to accompany the seasoned cheese.   To prepare the marmalade you have to purchase oranges untreated and un-waxed otherwise you can not use … Read More

Quince jelly

The quince jelly is a beautiful amber coloured recipe, a delight for both the eye and the palate 😀 . This jelly is excellent for breakfast, with oat biscuits, mixed with yogurt and also accompanied with seasoned spicy cheese… In short there is no chance it’s going to be wasted. We always prepare the quince jelly together with quince cheese, so with a recipe we … Read More

Quince cheese

The quince cheese is a sweet and hard jam made with quince and that can be cut into cubes. Very good and perfectly transportable, it is great for a healthy snack on the road 😉 . Preparing the quince cheese is simple but you need a little patience because quinces are not edible raw; they need a long cooking to … Read More

Cherry Jam

Cherry jam is one of the most classic jams. It is loved for its sweet and strong taste and for its bright red color, which makes it a pleasure for the eyes and for the palate 🙂 . In early June our house is literally invaded by cherries, because our cherry tree is almost taller than the house itself, making harvesting the … Read More

Green tomato jam

At the end of summer we often find ourselves with green tomatoes that do not want to mature… Here’s an unusual idea to use them: the green tomato jam 🙂 . This is an old recipe, handed down from our mom, and it is a great jam to be spread on bread, but it also perfect to fill pies or to accompany … Read More

Medlar cheese

A cheese made with fruits? It really is, and you’ll certainly see that the flavour of this dish with strange name will perfectly fit Christmas time with its spicy scent! The medlar cheese comes directly from spicy fruit pastes widespread during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which were often prepared with quinces and pears and, we could say, are … Read More

Medlar jam

Today we want to talk about a fruit a bit unknown nowadays, yet highly appreciated in the past centuries: the Germanic or common medlar.The common medlar belongs to the Rosaceae family, the same that includes apples and pears, and just as these two it is related to the autumn. It has a unique and special taste, and like everything unique, … Read More

White Isabella grape jelly

Autumn is (sadly) coming, but the good thing about it are all the delicious fruits maturing in September. One of them is Isabella grape, a golden grape with strong scent of strawberries, native of North America! It is often used for the famous fragolino, an Italian wine, but today we want to present it in an unusual way; is there any … Read More