Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Review (KVL8300S)

Since we have a new kitchen machine, which was very helpful during Christmas holidays, we thought it was a good opportunity to write a new review. We’ll review the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium (KVL8300S), the latest model of the famous British brand. The new kitchen machine is completely made in stainless steel, both the structure and the bowl. As you may have guessed by the letters … Read More

Review of Torta 900 by Balla

We decided to inaugurate this new section of our blog reviewing a legend of northern Italian pastry: the Torta 900 by Balla, Ivrea 🙂 . No one precisely knows the recipe for this dessert, created and patented by the Italian pastry chef Bertinotti at the end of the nineteenth century, although many have tried to prepare it … And to be honest, we … Read More