Gorchlach, the legend of Cordelia – such a tasty series!

Today we are going to talk about this television series made in the Aosta Valley! So strike in the kitchen! 🙂 Or almost… That’s right, because Fratelli ai Fornelli is the first, unique and inimitable culinary partner of this fiction 🙂 !
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But let’s step back for one minute. “Gorchlach: the legend of Cordelia” begins to take shape two years ago, from the genius of the director Fabio Cento. It is an adventure series that tells an intriguing and engaging history set between legend and reality, retracing the key stages of the history of Valle d’Aosta.

The plot will be set partly it the present day, and partly in the past to bring back to life through flashbacks situations and characters of major importance for the Valle d’Aosta. The story begins with the discovery of a mysterious artifact, the Gorchlach, dating back to the Salassi, an ancient Celtic people who used to live among our mountains about 2000 years ago. The protagonists Rachel and Guglielmo, two young archaeologists, will have to solve anagrams and mysteries hidden in the pages of time, paying close attention to who to trust, because, you know, every story has its villain 🙂 .

Now you may wonder, what does Fratelli ai Fornelli have in common this historical fantasy? Well, to be honest we can not reveal it yet, because spoilers are strictly forbidden 🙂 . You just should know that, as the director Fabio Cento bring to life the past, we will recreate the cooking 😉 !

So, if the series intrigues you and want to know more or you are curious to find out what Fratelli ai Fornelli will be involved in, you just need to follow the updates of Gorchlach official facebook page or directly on the web site of “Gorchlach: the legend of Cordelia “. And how Octavian Augustus founder of the ancient Augusta Praetoria would say, “Vale!” 🙂

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