Polenta Lasagne

Today we’re presenting a very easy and delicious recipe, taken from our grandmother Lella’s recipe notebook, Polenta Lasagne, an Italian dish that meets and marries the tradition of Valle d’Aosta 🙂 . Despite our grandmother’s lasagne can’t just be beaten by anyone, we tried to prepare them ourselves. A good ragù sauce is essential; even better if you prepare it … Read More

Cultivate chili peppers

This weekend, in addition to the kitchen, we are going to DIY and set our greenhouse and start to cultivate chili peppers also this year 😉 . As you may remember from the previous post, in which we described the varieties we grew last summer, we love chilli and we love having different species to choose the one that best … Read More

Pork roast with Russet Apples

Temperatures have dropped and, as someone says, winter is coming, so we’ll propose a roast to be slowly cooked in the oven, letting its scent invade the whole house 😉 … Here is a pork roast with russet apples, flavored with honey, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. Why precisely russet apples? We have chosen them for their taste not too sweet, nor too sour, perfect together with … Read More

Seuppa d’éforié – Spring soup with rice and nettles

Sometimes we like to propose you some recipes from the old book about Aosta Valley cuisine published by and written by our mother. And since it’s spring, this soup with rice and nettles looks just perfect! 🙂 It is a dish of the rural tradition of the Aosta Valley, consumed in the early spring months because nettle is used mostly … Read More

Seuppa vapeulleunentse: Cabbage and fontina cheese flan

Another unique dish from the Aosta Valley! 😀 Cheers! For those not familiar with this delicacy of the Aosta Valley, the seuppa vapeulleunentse is a flan made with cabbage, fontina cheese and bread, native from the small village of Valpelline. Although, to be honest, an accurate and official recipe of this dish does not exist. Yep! Translating the word “Seuppa” into … Read More

Salassi Roast: chicken roast with herbs

If you remember, our blog is culinary partner of Gorchlach: the legend of Cordelia and, as promised, we’ll continue the journey through time presented by the series itself 🙂 . These first gloomy days of autumn have inspired us and made us think about what probably our Salassi ancestors met during their passage over the Alps to conquer the today’s Valle … Read More

Potato stew with rice and peas

We’re back to tell you a bit about our valley, with a very special recipe… A potato stew with rice and peas, flavoured with fresh chives and butter. Potatoes with rice? Does this sound weird? Well, you just have to try and you’ll change you mind 🙂 . This is a recipe of our family that was handed down through several generations 🙂 … Read More

Sorça d’étsatèn – Stew with green beans and bacon

Today we’re presenting the Sorça d’étsatèn (Summer Stew), a stew with green beans, potatoes and bacon, a typical dish of the cuisine of the Aosta Valley. There are countless variations of Sorça, almost one for every village 😉 the only constant of this dish is the use of bean mangetout of a particular quality: lo fèisou dë bocon, literally pieces-bean.  The fèisou … Read More

Sweet carnival masks

Today’s reicpe is a cake that surely most of you know or have at least noted in bakeries in this period: the sweet Carnival masks 🙂 . It is a soft dough that is shaped into a mask-form that recalls of the Carnival. The dough is scented with vanilla and lemon and sprinkled with butter and sugar before being baked. … Read More

Cider of Cordelia eggnog

We’re at the end of the Carnival this year…But before going back to our diet it is absolutely necessary to enjoy a last bite! And what caould be better than a warm eggnog just typical of this period? 🙂 The recipe that we’re presenting today differs slightly from traditional eggnog flavored with marsala, because we used the apple cider. And because we … Read More