Cocoa and citrus hearts

Saturday is Valentine’s Day, and you surely don’t want to miss the chance to impress and delight your beloved one with a fantastic and romantic dessert 🙂 ! We’ll propose cocoa and citrus hearts: chocolate sponge cake, flavored with lemon zest, filled with orange custard and coated with a thin layer of chocolate icing. The preparation of the hearts is not … Read More

Sacher Cupcakes

You certainly all know the Viennese Sacher Torte, the famous chocolate cake filled with apricot jam and covered with chocolate ganache 🙂 . Today we wanted to stay on the topic, proposing the smaller Sacher cupcakes 🙂 . Perfect for an afternoon with friends or as a small dessert after a summer dinner, this cupcake will be an explosion of cocoa, and … Read More

Spiced twisted cookies with orange and cocoa

The spiced twisted cookies have a double flavor, half of the dough is scented with cocoa and orange peel (it’s always a winning combination 😉 ), the other half is flavored with vanilla and cardamom 🙂 . The two parts of the dough not only have two different flavors, but also two colors, a great way to create a cute tangled effect that will make … Read More

The winner of chocolate and salt contest

Maybe some of you are beginning to worry that we forgot about the chocolate and salt contest, ended December 27 … But we have good news, we can finally announce the winner 🙂 . If you remember the contest rules, we had decided to choose three of the recipes posted, in order to prepare them and choose the winner based … Read More

Chocolate and Salt Contest

Finally, our first contest 😀 ! We chose to start with a particular ingredient combination: “Chocolate and Salt” 🙂 . Do not worry this particular pairing can give great satisfaction, to take away any doubts we’re presenting a recipe of delicious chocolate and pink salt cookies. To enter the contest you must invent a recipe that has chocolate or cocoa and … Read More

Chocolate and pink salt cookies

Today we’ll present a tasty snack, not suitable for the faint of heart 🙂 , but absolutely a must for chocolate lovers 🙂 . Tasty cookies with dark chocolate, cocoa and a generous addition of Himalayan pink salt. The pink salt will give a nice salty contrast to cookies. If you have already savored chocolate with salt, you’ll know the taste; … Read More

Guy Fawkes Cupcakes

“Remember, remember the fifth of november, Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I see no reason, why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot” No, it’s not a quote of “V for Vendetta”, these are the first sentences of the rhyme “Remember Remember”. Tonight in England everyone will commemorate the Bonefire Night; a lot of bonfires and fireworks will be lit. To celebrate, we … Read More