Contest easter cakes: the winner

We’ve made it, after all this time we have prepared and tasted the 3 finalist recipes of the Easter cakes’ contest 😀 . Before announcing the winner we have to tell you that all the three desserts were great and very different from each other 🙂 Colombine by In cucina con Marika: the small doves are made with a brioche dough, lightly scented … Read More

Contest Easter cakes: recipes in final

Hello friends 🙂 ! Easter have passed, and the first part of our Easter cakes contest is over. First of all we want to thank you, you have been so many! We took some time to choose the finalists because all your suggestions were great and inspired us so much 🙂 . And now, the three recipes that will prepare ourselves in order to choose … Read More

Bichromatic salted Baci di Dama cookies – Lady’s Kisses

Here’s a nice appetizer, layered and very colorful as we promised last week 🙂 . The bichromatic salted Baci di Dama cookies are spiced up with turmeric and paprika and stuffed with a delicious mousse made with ham and Philadelphia cheese 😀 . We chose to prepare these small Baci cookies, first of all because they’re are good, secondly because they are layered (which … Read More

Contest Easter cakes

Although our first cooking contest has just finished, we’ve already prepared the second one… This time with a classic theme, but not less tasty: the Easter cakes 😀 . Obviously the unmissable recipe is a traditional Pastiera, the rich Neapolitan cake made with ricotta cheese and candied fruit 🙂 . To enter the contest, you need to publish a recipe for a cake typical of … Read More

Garfield’s Lasagne

Lasagne are one of the most popular dishes of Italian cuisine 🙂 . Sheets of egg pasta, stuffed with meat sauce, bechamel and grated Parmesan. There are many regional variations of this dish, although the most famous is that of Bologna; the meat, of excellent quality, must be half beef and half pork to give more flavor to the sauce 🙂 … Read More

Pastiera – Easter Neapolitan tart

We’re concluding the lunch menu for Easter with a traditional tart from Neples, Italy: an sweet dough enclosing a rich cream made with ricotta cheese, cooked wheat, candied fruit, eggs and spices. We are sure that you have already figured out what recipe is that… The unmistakable Pastiera 😀 . To prepare a good pastiera time and patience are indispensable, … Read More

Carrot flan with cardamom and poppy seeds

To accompany the fresh taste of pollock, we’re proposing a delicate side dish that goes very well with the hints of citrons: mono-portion flans made with carrots and Philadelphia cheese, scented by cardamom pods and poppy seeds 🙂 If you want more information on cardamom take a look at the bottom of the post on the trip to Annecy 🙂 .  

Citron pollock with cailletier olives and orange blossom honey

After the wild rice with chicken, raisins and mint let’s continue the menu for Easter, with a fish main course: pollock fillets scented with slices of citron, sweetened by orange blossom honey, and with capers and cailletiier olives. Citron is normally consumed candied; it has a less sour than lemon but with of more pronounced bitterness. When you’re using it in … Read More

Dark chocolates with mint heart

Easter would not be Easter without a little chocolate! 🙂 We could not forget about it, that’s why today we’re presenting some chocolates to prepare and leave unattended in the living room during the holidays 😉 . The shell of dark chocolate encloses a soft filling of white chocolate scented by the first mint leaves in spring 🙂 . We … Read More

Gratin Dauphinois

To accompany the tasty turkey roulade with ham, we’re proposing a side dish of French origin. The classic Gratin Dauphinois with potatoes, milk, Parmesan and a pinch of spice 🙂 . The version that we’re proposing has a lot less fat than the traditional version, there is no need to give up the taste, even if we give up the … Read More