Contest easter cakes: the winner

We’ve made it, after all this time we have prepared and tasted the 3 finalist recipes of the Easter cakes’ contest 😀 .

Before announcing the winner we have to tell you that all the three desserts were great and very different from each other 🙂

contest torte pasqua

  • Colombine by In cucina con Marika: the small doves are made with a brioche dough, lightly scented with lemon zest. They are very soft, the slightly bitter taste of lemon peel breaks the sweet flavour making them very good. We ate all of them the very morning after baking them during a sumptuous breakfast 😉 . Since the Easter period has passed, you can transform the small doves into other forms to avoid having to wait until next year to prepare this recipe.
  • Cassata di Costanza d’Aragona by Pasticci e Pasticcina di Mimma: really rich dessert, reminiscent of a fusion of classical Neapolitan pastiera and Sicilian cassata 🙂 . The cake is really good, the different layers are mixed to perfection, making every bite a unique experience. Orange marmalade breaks excessive sweetness that often characterizes pastiera and cassata. Perhaps the cakes a bit long to prepare, but the end result certainly pays for the whole cooking time.
  • Pizza with custard and cherries by Miel & Mandorle: two layers of shortcut pastry enclosing a delicious custard enriched with cherries. We have to say that also this recipe was very good, and had the advantage that we are big fans of custards, every time that we prepare some, we eat way too much of it. The addition of the cherries makes it more tasteful and creates a pleasant change of consistency while savoring the slices of cake.

After these brief reviews we hope that you also will prepare and taste these three desserts 😀 . Now we just have to congratute the winner… Drum roll… A bit of suspense… The winner is Mimma with Cassata di Constanza d’Aragona! The winner will receive at home a nice prize!

Happy Monday. Expect new recipes, videos and even new contest soon! 😀

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