Shaken iced coffee

These last days of summer warmth are trying to disappoint us… So let us not be overwhelmed and let’s prepare a good shaken iced coffee instead 🙂 !An easy and fast idea for a chat with some friends 🙂 .  

Green tomato jam

At the end of summer we often find ourselves with green tomatoes that do not want to mature… Here’s an unusual idea to use them: the green tomato jam 🙂 . This is an old recipe, handed down from our mom, and it is a great jam to be spread on bread, but it also perfect to fill pies or to accompany … Read More

Salassi Roast: chicken roast with herbs

If you remember, our blog is culinary partner of Gorchlach: the legend of Cordelia and, as promised, we’ll continue the journey through time presented by the series itself 🙂 . These first gloomy days of autumn have inspired us and made us think about what probably our Salassi ancestors met during their passage over the Alps to conquer the today’s Valle … Read More


Guacamole is a rich dip made with fresh avocado, enriched with lime juice, salt and various spices. Its history dates back to the Aztecs, the ancient inhabitants of the Mexico until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. The word “guacamole”, derives from Ahuaca-Molli, avocado sauce in Nahuatl language. Originally the recipe did not requested to add tomatoes and onions… But like … Read More

Aeolian Islands pasta

Several weeks since our first pasta recipe have already passed… How could we drop into oblivion this important dish 😉 ? Today we’re presenting our favorite pasta. A recipe coming from the vulcanic Aeolian Islands, in Sicily, made with a rich sauce with tuna, onion, peppers, olives and capers 😀 . As we already said, this recipe comes straight from the beautiful … Read More

Chocolate Guacamole

Some of you will have certainly “Ewwed!” 🙂 : who has ever heard of a sweet guacamole? Well, there’s always a first time 🙂 . Avocado is one of those fruits that can be consumed both sweet and salty, since the basic does not has a too strong flavour 🙂 . With this chocolate guacamole recipe we want to present a … Read More

Mrouzia: meat tagine with almonds and raisins

Today we’re going back to Middle East to prepare together one of the most famous Moroccan tagine! The Mrouzia is a meat tagine sweetened with honey and raisins, and served with a delicate mix of spices and toasted almonds.   Traditionally Mrouzia is prepared with lamb, but it is excellent and much more delicate prepared with beef. The flavor of … Read More

Sorça d’étsatèn – Stew with green beans and bacon

Today we’re presenting the Sorça d’étsatèn (Summer Stew), a stew with green beans, potatoes and bacon, a typical dish of the cuisine of the Aosta Valley. There are countless variations of Sorça, almost one for every village 😉 the only constant of this dish is the use of bean mangetout of a particular quality: lo fèisou dë bocon, literally pieces-bean.  The fèisou … Read More

Frozen piña colada

Finally the first days of our brief and torrid mountain summer have arrived in Valle d’Aosta 🙂 . So here’s for you the famous piña colada, today in “frozen” version, that means the drink is served very cold, with plenty of crushed ice. This Puerto Rican cocktail was officially created only in 1963, by Ramón Portas Mingo… But who can really say … Read More

Cider of Cordelia eggnog

We’re at the end of the Carnival this year…But before going back to our diet it is absolutely necessary to enjoy a last bite! And what caould be better than a warm eggnog just typical of this period? 🙂 The recipe that we’re presenting today differs slightly from traditional eggnog flavored with marsala, because we used the apple cider. And because we … Read More