Goulash: Hungarian meat soup

The goulash is, together with the dobos torta, the most famous dish of Hungarian cuisine: a rich meat soup with vegetables (potatoes, carrots and onions) flavored with paprika 😀 . To be precise this dish is so important for Hungary to be one of the national dishes and a simbol for the entire nation! Goulash has a very ancient origin, … Read More

Strawberry granita

If we asked you to think of fruit representing spring… You probably would choose strawberry 🙂 ! Our recipe today has in fact the goal to announce the arrival of spring and, hopefully, also of warmth! And what could be better than enjoying this fresh strawberry granita on a sunny afternoon? 🙂  

Quiche with speck and sweet peppers

Since peppers seems to be one of our favorite vegetables, and that you have enjoyed the quiche with tuna and sweet peppers, we decided to dedicate a new quiche to these fantastic and colorful vegetables. A tasty variation with mountain flavor… The quiche with speck and sweet peppers 😉 ! This quiche is a faithful companion of many trips… We brought it with … Read More


A burger or a plate of chips are great, especially if served with mayonnaise and ketchup 😉 . We‘ve already presented the first sauce a few days ago, today we’ll continue, so you can prepare at home an excellent “tomato ketchup“. The ketchup has very ancient origin in Orient, but of course the original version did not include the tomato. … Read More

Spicy mulled white wine eggnog

Could we leave you without a sauce with which to enjoy the panettone? Absolutely not! Eggnog, you know, it is traditional in this time of year, but we wanted to give it a new flavour that connected it to Christmas even more 🙂 ! So we’ve added some spices to the traditional recipe… And the Spicy mulled white wine eggnog was born. Firstly … Read More

Buckwheat loaves

This is the third Christmas we spend with you, then, it is no longer a surprise that every year after the dessert we suggest a bonus recipe for Christmas dinner 🙂 . This year the choice fell on the bread, with some small buckwheat loaves with whole wheat flour. Buckwheat has a very strong taste, however, used as an adjunct to whole wheat … Read More

Medlar cheese

A cheese made with fruits? It really is, and you’ll certainly see that the flavour of this dish with strange name will perfectly fit Christmas time with its spicy scent! The medlar cheese comes directly from spicy fruit pastes widespread during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which were often prepared with quinces and pears and, we could say, are … Read More

Tuna deviled eggs

There cannot be family dinners without deviled eggs 😀 ! Surely you know what we’re talking about and you surely tasted or prepared them at least once… Today we’re presenting the classic deviled egg stuffed with tuna, but it is up to you to create new awesome versions 😀 ! Remember not to use extra-fresh eggs, but at least one … Read More

Roasted chicken with cider

It’s time for the main course of Christmas dinner: roasted chicken with cider and bay leaves 🙂 ! Due to the cooking in cider, the chicken meat is very tender and apple flavored, but not overly sweet because the acidity of the cider is enhanced by the addition of small green apples.  Yet, the secret lies in the use of tiny immature … Read More

Diced chicken with pineapple and lime

After some desserts, today we’re presenting a light and naturally healthy second dish without sacrificing the Taste! Here, then, an excellent diced chicken with pineapple and lime juice. This chicken has a slightly sweet taste, but not too much, because the sweetness of pineapple is dampened by the sour-bitter taste of lime juice 😉 . The diced chicken with pineapple … Read More