Chickpea hummus

The hummus is a typical sauce of the Middle East, made of crushed chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic and tahini, a sesame seed cream. This spread is served as an appetizer and very widespread throughout the Middle East. Hummus is an Arabic word meaning chickpeas; the full name of this dish is ḥummuṣ bi ṭaḥīna indicating chickpeas with tahini sauce. The tahini is … Read More

Syrian coffee

You may think this recipe is very simple, but if you try it, you will certainly be seduced by the flavour of this spiced coffee! And when you sip it, maybe accompanying it with some rose loukoum, you’ll feel just like among the pages of “One Thousand and One Nights” 😀 . The paculiarity this coffee is adding some cardamom pods … Read More

Kahlua – Mexican coffee liqueur

With this recipe we inaugurate a new section of our website, the one that show how to prepare liqueurs at home 🙂 ! Today we’re presenting a liqueurs with unique flavour and taste, a treat for all the true coffee lovers: the Mexican kahlua. The kahlua is not very famous, perhaps because its origin dates back only to 1936, but … Read More

Plaice with spiced honey

Today we’ve been inspired by the taste of… the Ancient Rome! Earlier we attened a conference on the culinary tastes of Romans, we’ve decided to reinterpret in modern fashion the fish and honey mixture. Here’s the Roman plaice with honey, fresh ginger, black pepper and the fragrance of thyme! In the recipe we’ve omitted the Garum, an unmissable sauce that Romans used … Read More

Half wholemeal pizza dough

Today we’ll show you one the basic ingredient we use the most 🙂 . A half wholemeal pizza dough, the whole wheat flour enhances the savour of the dough making it tastier 🙂 Bread machine If you’ve got a bread machine you can super-easily prepare this dough. Put all the ingredients in the machine, then select the “dough” program. Wait 90 minutes and … Read More

Wild rice with chicken, raisins and mint

Easter is coming, and also this year we want to propose a menu to be enjoyed in family. We’ll start by a fresh and particular first course: wild rice, enriched with chicken and raisins and flavoured with fresh mint… With this mild climate, you may already be able to harvest some mints leafs from your garden! 🙂 The rice we’re … Read More

Seitan roast

A few years ago Fratelli ai Fornelli has attended a very interesting course on how to prepare seitan at home and today, in honour of the worldwide week of vegetarians, we’re proposing one of the best known dishes of vegan-vegetarian cuisine: the seitan roast. Seitan was born in ancient times in China with the name of Mian jin and spread later … Read More


After harvesting a large basket of vegetables from the garden,  we decided to prepare the ratatouille. A mixture of seasonal vegetables: eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes accompanied with piperade sauce made of sweet peppers and onions, and flavoured with thyme, oregano and parsley 🙂 . The veggies are cut into thin discs and arranged alternately in concentric circles over a thin layer … Read More

White Isabella grape jelly

Autumn is (sadly) coming, but the good thing about it are all the delicious fruits maturing in September. One of them is Isabella grape, a golden grape with strong scent of strawberries, native of North America! It is often used for the famous fragolino, an Italian wine, but today we want to present it in an unusual way; is there any … Read More

Shaken Iced Coffee with tapioca pearls and ginseng powder

A few months ago we visited a spice market and we ran into ginseng powder, directly obtained from the root once exsiccated. Since we love ginseng, we could not resist and we bought some, with the intention to try out new recipes. For today’s recipe, we have been inspired by these beautiful days of sunshine and warmth, perfect to enjoy a … Read More