Turkey roulade with ham and caramelized onions

Let’s proceed with the Easter lunch, presenting a tasty turkey roulade, which contains the delicate caramelized onions and ham. All wrapped in slices cooked ham, which help to keep the meat soft and making it even tastier 😉 . Last year at Easter we prepared an excellent rabbit with cranberries… And we did not find any chocolate egg hidden in the garden … Read More

Winter bud

Christmas is getting closer and closer, so today we’ll conclude dinner with Winter bud: a aperitif cocktail with prosecco, lychee cream and a drop of rose essence. We kinda love lychees, do you? There must be someone else always ordering the fruit salad in Chinese restaurants! 😀 In Winter bud the bitterness of prosecco wine is tempered by the sweetness … Read More

Cailletier olives and citrus salad

Every main course has to be accompanied by a worthy side dish 🙂 . And today we’re presenting a fresh salad with unusual combination of flavors: a fennel crudité enriched with cailletier olives and sweetened by orange and raisins. In this dish we wanted to revive some flavours typical of winter and of Christmas time. We approached the delicate bitterness of … Read More

Perch morsels in almond crust

Here we come with the main course for Christmas dinner. Last year we presented a veal roast with candied fruits sauce, but this year we want to propose some fish: morsels of perch in almond crust, lightly spiced with Sichuan pepper berries and Persian blue salt 🙂 . The morsels are very quick to prepare; you can safely bread them even … Read More

Veal roast with candied fruits sauce

After the brief interruption of Baci di Dama cookies, let’s get back to Christmas lunch 😉 . Today we’re presenting the main course, with Renaissance hints: a tender veal roast served with a sauce made with candied fruits. The roast is typical of the Christmas time, because it takes time to be cooked slowly in the oven. Don’t worry, it won’t … Read More

Soft loaves with spelt and rye

Christmas, and of course dinner, are imminent… Today we won’t be presenting a dish, but a recipe that will accompany the whole meal: loaves with spelt and rye. The loaves are very easy to do, all you need is patience to make them leaven well. They are very fragrant and tasty, and using spelt flour they’ll remain crisp 🙂 . Now, … Read More

All Saints salad

The time has come to present another traditional recipe from our valley: a salad made with endive traditionally eaten during Halloween, flavoured with chilli and anchovies and topped with walnut oil and apple vinegar. In every family from Valle d’Aosta they used to enjoy the eve all together consuming this salad remembering the dead: a convivial meal to gather the … Read More

Lunar Eclipse

After the dessert, we could not forget a cocktail to celebrate Halloween in the company. So here Lunar Eclipses, a terrifying bloody molecular cocktail 🙂 . A base of blood orange and white rum, in which a purple moon with cherry flavour floats, enriched with a hint of ginger. Just before sipping cocktails, break the molecular cherry, spreading the “blood” … Read More

Snow White toffee apples

On the occasion of Halloween we’ll prepare some good toffee apples Snow White would surely appreciate 🙂 . Crisp and shiny on the outside, soft juicy inside… The queen went in haste to a secret room where no one could enter and prepared the most poisonous apple that the world ever saw. Outside the apple was so beautiful, red and white, … Read More

Moroccan mint green tea

Tea in Morocco takes on the role of a real ceremony and, unlike the Italian traditions, is also consumed during meals, maybe accompanying a delicious chicken bastilla or a vegetable couscous. The tea mostly used is the special gunpowder, a Chinese green tea that comes in the form of tiny dark balls. The infusion time for this tea is short, about … Read More